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Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Funny Valentine

I know this is late in posting, but Valentine's Day was not Ethan's day. Poor thing was sick to his stomach all day, and went through 3 Valentine's outfits. Luckily I caught these pictures when I did...because he had another meltdown 30 seconds later. We gave him this cute little dog Thursday morning and it made him cry, but he decided he liked it later in the day. So Happy 1st Valentines Day from Ethan! :)

Update: 6 Month Stats

Ethan weighed in at 21 lbs 14 oz.....90%
measured 27 1/2 inches......90%

So he's evening out, and entering the chart again (previously plotted off the chart with measurements) Brandon and I were both surprised by the weight, I was afraid it was more like 23, and Brandon picked 22 14. So he won :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ethan is 6 Months Old

If you look REAL close at this pic you can see 2 teeny teeth.

Ethan turned 6 months old on Saturday. We had a hectic weekend in our house, so I'm late posting on that. Brandon and I's 4th anniversary was last thursday and we had a romantic dinner at Chili's with Ethan :) The plan was to have a big date night on Friday downtown....but Brandon got sick and so did we had dinner just the 2 of use while Ethan hung out with Mimi and Papa. Last week I kinda freaked out b/c I thought Ethan was having an allergic reaction to eating pears (of ALL things)...but it turns out we are welcoming tooth #2 right along with tooth #1.

At 6 months, Ethan:
-can roll over, when HE wants to....he's not a show pony, so don't ask for the trick.
-has his first 2 teeth trying to come in
-loves his fruits and veggies, as long as they're not green
-can sit up on his own to play, but once he reaches too far to the side, he faceplants...luckily he laughs about it
-LOVES his feet. his belly gets in the way of the feet going in the mouth, but he loves to bend over, grab them, and drool on them :)
-had decided to love his swing. we got little to no use of this when he was a little baby, but now he has decided it's good for naps AND a comfy place to watch tv from.
-wears 12 month clothing and some above. we go friday for our 6 month appointment, so I'll update with official stats then.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The tooth eludes me!

You should try catching a picture of a tooth! I forgot to mention in my "firsts"post that we have a tooth that has cut through and made an appearance. Every time we try to look at it though, he runs his tongue over it to block your view. But I loved these pictures of his sweet face. And now that you see those eyes up close, you see why he's in charge in this house!

Super Tuesday

See my "I voted" sticker, this cute face let us beat the system. And yes, it's his own sticker, Brandon and I got our own....just don't tell the Democratic nominee ;)

This was Ethan's first election to be a part of, so we got him dressed in his "Lil Republican" t-shirt (dad's fave) and loaded up to go vote in the primary as a family. The little old people running the polls thought he was so cute, they let him have a ballot too! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow my after picture is terrible, and I would like to blame bad lighting? As many of you are probably wondering, why would she cut her hair so short? Well....when I was pregnant with Ethan since my hair was so healthy and growing so well, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to grow it out and cut it to be donated to an organization that would use it to make a wig for a very deserving cancer patient. My roommate in college did it twice and I have never had good enough hair to do it. Finally, 2 weeks ago I measured the ponytail and it was just at 9 inches so I made my appointment. This is the shortest my hair has ever been and it's definitely an adjustment, but I am SO excited to finally get to do something for a cause that is so dear to my heart. So pardon the TERRIBLE after pics.....maybe someday soon I'll get a cuter one, but I couldn't do this post incomplete.

3 Days and 4 Firsts

Sunday~ Super Bowl and he has the same pj's as we had to get a picture of our big boys matching. Drake just turned 2 on Thursday, and no the pj's are NOT the same size :) (also, this is not the 4th first....just a continuation of the sitting up)
Saturday~ Look who's sitting up all by himself? I was sitting with him figuring he would lean on my legs, when I realized he wasn't needing me at all! So I backed off to make sure I wasn't crazy and he just kept playing with his toy. Too bad I'm the only one who knows it's a drum, he just wants to try to eat it!

Friday~ Ethan REALLY found his feet. Poor thing, I always have him in socks or in footed outfits, so I let him hang out in his diaper and he was so excited to get to play with his feet and toes, what fun!

Thursday~ first attempt with a sippy cup......big failure, all we got was a DRENCHED onesie....any tips on this one you experienced moms out there?

The 4th first, I don't have a picture of....but Ethan has been rolling over when Brandon and I are not in the room, so we hadn't officially seen it yet. Well, he was very proud of himself this afternoon and just kept showing us his roll over and over.....then he got tired of it! We're so proud!!