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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free toys are most fun

So obviously with an upcoming move we have boxes of all shapes, sizes, and stages around the house. Ethan found an empty one that looked just right for him and the dump truck to hop into. He had gotten hot wrestling with daddy therefore no shirt. Wants to be naked, play with dump truck and a box.....he's ALL BOY for sure!

What we've been up to

Where to start.....we've been so busy! We had 2 weeks out of school before "summer camp" started for ethan. During that time we put our house on the market, Brandon started traveling every week, we started packing and planning, we had Brandon's birthday, me and Ethan looked for things to keep us happy and busy so our house could be shown on a moment's notice, went to open houses and to see houses with our realtor. Last weekend we accepted an offer on our house, really amped up the search for a new house, had Father's day celebration and then on to apartment shopping as we close on our house in just under 3 weeks and we don't have the next step planned out. We decided it was time to take Ethan down to a toddler bed instead of his crib and so I surprised Brandon with it when he got home Sunday from out of town. Ethan has slept every night and naptime (knocking on wood) since we did it and I've been pleasantly surprised. Still makes me giggle when he runs out of his room so proud of himself for figuring out how to get up on his own and not needing us. Sorry for the lack pf posting, hopefully we'll keep up better going forward!

Ethan @ 22 Months

happy in hand
finally I get a "cheese"

Now that he's almost 23 are the pics we took when he turned 22 months. Yes, you read that right, my baby will be 2 in about 6 weeks (sniff, sniff). He is VERY opinionated and getting better at telling/showing you exactly how he feels about things. If we're in his room, he wants a book and he wants it NOW....and not so much on the picture taking. He's still my sweet baby boy, but he is growing up too quickly right before our eyes. He is really enjoying pool time, LOVES books, learning new words and becoming an even pickier eater.....and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Cowboy Ethan

As you may remember from Ethan's 1st birthday invites....he wore overalls and no shirt and I had these great plans of him wearing a cowboy hat to complete the picture. Well, he hated the hat and had such a meltdown, therefore no hat in the pictures....but it's been waiting all this time for him to come around, and a few weeks ago, he finally did. What a handsome little cowboy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zoo Day

So excited to see the monkeys and looking to see if the other kids were as excited as he was
i really think he wanted to hop this fence and get in there with the flamingos.....luckily i saw a playground up ahead and was able to distract!
found a big girl to follow around at the park
excitement and surprise from the train whistle
This is him saying "choo choo"

Ethan has been out of school since May 21 and goes back on we've been having some quality time of me working from home and hanging out with him. We have mostly played at the pool or at the house or run around town.....but I did mangae to get some pics of him at the zoo. Since it was just us, there's no way to get myself in pictures. He wanted the lazy tour so he hopped in the stroller for 90% of the time there. We did his first carousel ride, first time in their playground, and first train ride. All were fun, but the favorite was for sure the train. When we were leaving he pouted b/c I wouldn't pay to ride the train again, but it was naptime so we just scooted on out. It was so fun to see him excited about the animals and really enjoying it this time!

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