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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break Part 4

Friday we went with Lauren and Miss Ellen to the Musuem of Discovery. Somehow I never get a picture of these 2 kids together, but they surprised us by sitting through the first 30 minutes of a play, This Little Piggy Went to Market. Ethan was clapping and cheering the actors was so cute. He just sat on a stool (like mommy) and ate goldfish and hollered every once in a while b/c he was so excited. When he lost interest, we were more than happy to move on and check out other parts of the museum. They had a big time playing upstairs, but soon they were ready for some lunch, so not many pics. We look forward to going back soon!

Spring Break Part 3

where he spent most of the time, in mommy's chair

figuring it all out
checking out the fishies at Rock Creek
the boys enjoying their yummy lunches
the little boys in 1 of the tunnels
following his buddy down the slide and then around again
he was FILTHY, but this is the best pic I could get

On Thursday we went with our backyard neighbors to the indoor play area at Rock Creek....then to lunch at Flying Burrito downtown.....then to play in the tunnels and slides at Peabody Park. Ethan wasn't real sure about the indoor tunnels and slides at Rock Creek, he preferred to sit and snack there. He inhaled his lunch at Flying Burrito and then wore himself out in the park. I was afraid he might be scared of the slide, so I just put him in it and let him go down before he got a chance to get scared. It was funny b/c he kept putting his feet out to stop himself, but I could hear him screaming in delight the whole way down. Then he and the boys would run around and crawl through the tunnels and then repeat it all over. I can't wait for us to go down there with daddy!

19 Month Pics

Wow...Ethan's 19 months old! He is so much fun and every day becoming more and more like a big boy. He likes to try new things, taste what we're eating, and points to EVERYTHING saying "what's this, what's that?" ( at least you can tell that's what he's trying to say". He wants to really talk so bad and every day we're getting closer to new words and things to do. He is such a joy to Brandon and I and it's been incredible to see how God makes a miracle and then allows him to grow as we watch and get to be a small part of His plan.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Part 2

cousins lunching
cousins and grammy calling papaw
Garett playing happily with Ethan's toys
Ethan fell after winning the tug-of-war for the Thomas book
finally each playing separately...peacefully
Ethan trying to take his book back

Grammy came down to visit today and brought cousin Garett with her. Ethan and Garett are almost exactly one year apart, and Grammy wanted to see how they would play together. Ethan didn't know what to think about having to share his toys, his highchair, or his grammy. He kept frowning at Garett and trying to take things away from him, but mostly they did pretty good. We enjoyed the visit and look forward to seeing them both again soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

bubble mowing sure works up a thirst!
going in lines just like daddy does!
relaxing and checking out his well-mowed yard

after lunch...he was done...didn't even make it the 2 miles to the house

So who knew toddlers needed a spring break....I mean it's just a break from playing on a more regular schedule, right? Well....Ethan's school is on spring break, so I am home with him all week working from here and trying to do special things and enjoy some good weather. On Sunday we got out the bubble mower for the first time and played all over while daddy worked outside. Monday, we went with Ellen and Lauren to the Wonderplace (no pics here, I forgot to take in the camera) and McAlisters in the morning....then to the neighborhood park after his nap. He had a big time playing on the same park stuff that was there when I grew up (looks like it still has the same paint too)

Mimi's Big Birthday

My mom's 60th birthday was a few weeks ago, so I'm very late on posting these. I obviously didn't get very many pics b/c I was chasing Ethan around most of the time....but we had a great weekend celebrating her big birthday. My brother Chris flew in from LA, and Courtney, Erika, & Reagan all came down from HarBer so we could spend the weekend together. Ethan loves his cousin Reagan....on Friday night and Sunday morning we ate at the country club and I spent most of my time running around the building with these 2, I love watching them play together. I'm sad I have no photo evidence of later Saturday night. After dinner and presents, Chris turned on mom's favorite, Neil Diamond, and we had a big dance party in the back year. Ethan and Reagan were both showing out and entertaining everyone. I think Mimi had a GREAT birthday celebration!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Please pardon seeing me in a swimsuit....but here are the pics of us from mommy and me swimming, as promised. Brandon went with us Tuesday night so he could see his little man swimming. It was kinda cool in the water, and Ethan wanted to see what daddy was up to, so we weren't as productive, but he went under water a lot and was proud of himself and showing out for his daddy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ellen's Birthday Party

favorite spot at the wonderplace....the water table
daddy tried hard with the party hat, but ethan wasn't having it!
daddy helping ethan get started
he's proud of himself! that's our neighbor sitting beside him, she's helping her little man luke who is making a huge mess!
masterpiece indeed!
he was very excited to get his hands cleaned AND a juice box

We went to another birthday party at the Wonderplace this weekend. I think Ethan has gotten pretty comfortable running around in there, and this was Brandon's first birthday we had a blast. This is the first time we've gone to the masterpiece party where the kids fingerpaint. Ethan is getting pretty good at it with all the practice he gets at school. He had a big time playing, painting, and the eating cake. We now know he likes white cake, not chocolate...or at least Mickey's white cake (he's got good taste).

Lil' Swimmer

This is what we've been up to this month....mommy and me swim lessons at the athletic club. Since my parents have a pool, I want him to be comfortable in the water so we can go over there an play a lot. Since it's right after his nap, he wants his blanket and snack, so this is the best picture I could get. When Brandon goes with us, I will try to get a better picture. He's doing really good with it and having fun, so we're getting excited for summer!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

treasure hunter indeed!
i love chips!
yummy! daddy makes a good hot dog!
kinda scared, but kinda excited
clapping for himself when he made the engine noise
big boy on daddy's 4 wheeler
this "treasure hunter"'s fave treasure was various rocks!

It's like springtime today! We are really enjoying a truly beautiful Saturday around the house. When Ethan got up from his nap, we grilled hot dogs and enjoyed eating out on the screened porch. Ethan wants to be a big boy, so he sat in his own chair eating his own chips, then he looked at me with his mouth wide open, meaning he wanted a bite of my food. So I gave him my hot dog of which he ate several bites. He decided the bun was the best part, but we were proud of him for trying something new. Then we played all afternoon on the play set, on the 4 wheeler, in the front and back yards, dancing on the porch and all of it over and again. We had a big time just being outside and running around with Mr. Ethan...he had fun too and wore himself out!

Sweet Dub

With it becoming spring outside, I just noticed today how beautiful our Japanese Maple looks. When I first bought this house over 6 years ago, it was mostly all older retired people living in this neighborhood. I had 2 such couples living across the street from me. Since it was 3 girl living here, they kind of kept an eye on the place and checked in on us regularly. One couple, Dub and Berta became pretty close to us, Dub always brought fresh vegetables from his garden and we enjoyed going over to visit with him at their home. He of course fell in love with Brandon when he met him and really formed a bond with him as well. It's been 5 years ago now since we planted a little twig from a japanese maple he was growing and it's appropriate that now it blooms beautifully! He passed away over a year ago and Brandon and I just paused a minute today when we were admiring that and thought ol' Dub and what a neat man he was to know.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


All Arkansans know weather here is crazy...the winter might really kick in around March. But yesterday when the weather channel predicted snow I thought yeah right. Low and snowed, then it started to stick....and then the flakes go huge! Right after Ethan's nap, he was not interested in the snow at all...but after dinner he wanted to go out and see it for himself with his daddy.