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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crawling AND pulling up

As we figured would happen...Ethan became very proficient at crawling while we were in Mexico. I guess he just needed his parents to leave him alone and get out of the country to get motivated to get really mobile. Right before we left we could tell he finally figured out how the arms were going t help him, so we moved the bed down just in case. Then when we got home, we had to remove the bumpers too b/c he wants to stand up in bed. What a difference 5 days makes!!!

Chris & Juliett's Wedding in Mexico

literally underground in a cave, the boys had SO much fun exploring!
this restaurant was in a cave
ferry ride to Cozumel=sea sickness & sunburn & no sharks for Reagan
true love & mariachi music
Chris letting loose with the Mariachi band
Chris & Juliet posing for silly beach photos
During the nephew Reagan was ringbearer
Brandon and I just before wedding festivities began

As many of you know...Brandon and I were in Playa del Carmen last Wednesday thru Sunday to attend my brother's destination wedding. It was VERY hard to leave Ethan at home, but I didn't want to rick Montezuma's Revenge on my little 8 month old. The wedding was beautiful and it was so fun getting to spend time with the family and get to know Chris and Juliet's friends. We were SO thankful to be home on Sunday and so grateful to Brandon's mom who stayed with Ethan while we were gone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Little Razorback

It was colder the other day than I had planned, so Ethan needed lightweight long-sleeved clothes. Then I realized he hadn't worn his AR jersey yet b/c it had been too big, but he fills it out now! He sure looks like a little football player in this outfit.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shower for Terri

We had a bridal shower for our dear friend Terri on Saturday at our house. We had a really great turnout of friends of Terri's and had a beautiful day for a beautiful shower! She is getting married June 7 and I am getting so excited! Terri's niece Addison was at the shower too, so we entertained ourselves for some time watching Addison and Ethan interacting. Addison got very jealous when her grandma was holding Ethan so poor Mama Fowler tried to hold both of them which didn't last long. Then we put them on the floor and I really thought pretty little Addison was going to be the motivation Ethan needed to crawl forward, but he just got up and showed her his awesome rocking motion :) It was really cute all the same!

8 Months Old

So these pictures are a week late, but Ethan turned 8 months old last Wednesday. He is getting so big and so mobile and just interested in EVERYTHING!
At 8 months Ethan:
-is up on all 4s rocking and trying so hard to figure out how to move forward. He can backwards scooch and roll like a champ. He likes to stand up in front of any furniture and just beat on it like a big boy.
-said "mama" once I swear, but I think it was accidental and has not been repeated.
-has 3 1/2 teeth. the 4th tooth is just hanging out in the gum line and so I think I'm the only one who has seen it.
-loves to blow raspberries in your face and then scream with excitement
-is growing a mohawk b/c that's where his hair getting longer, one of these days I plan to spike it and get a good picture.
-loves his mommy and daddy and his face lights up every time we come into the room. he truly melts our heart and is such a delight to us. we can't remember what life was like without him. we are SO blessed to have such a wonderful baby boy.