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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Disney Animal Kingdom

This is Brandon's favorite park and we couldn't wait to take Ethan to see all the animals up did not disappoint. Being on the safari we were SO close to the animals and Ethan loved it! We saw the 3D "It's tough to be a Bug" which kinda scared Ethan, but he loved it all. He took a good nap while strolling through a walk-through exhibit and was ready to play again. I'm so glad I have a little Disney fan!!!

Disney - Magic Kingdom Round 2

Family photo on Main Street USA
Mimi and her grandboys
good thing it was a guided track since the driver cant see over the steering wheel! Daddy was a great passenger
Excited and proud of his driving skills!

We started out the day at Magic Kingdom...but we got rained out after the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh :( So we went back for naptime, woke up with a nightmare from the Peter Pan ride, then had such a crick in the neck from his crazy driving...he was miserable the rest of the day. We went back at dinnertime and he just kept acting like he couldn't move, so we called it a day. We'll try again in a few more days!

Disney 2- Hollywood Studios

Family photo as we start into Hollywood Studios
Yea!!! June from Little Einsteins!
Reagan & Ethan with Leo from Little Einsteins
Ethan and Goliath from Jojo's Circus
Ethan and daddy outside Star Tours...they said Ethan was too short to ride....awww man!
Ethan on the bug in "Honey I shrunk the kids"....quite possibly his fave spot in Hollywood Studios
Ethan and the Green ranger from Might Morphin Power Rangers

Wow....this was a fun day! Ethan and Reagan loved meeting the characters and getting them to autograph their books. It was so fun watching them be excited about meeting the "celebrities" especially for Ethan who watches these shows. Reagan missed out on the ranger meeting, but we got his autograph for him :) Brandon and I did Star Tours and decided we are too old and weak-stomached for rides anymore, that was a sad realization. We also did Muppet 3D which was super cute to see Ethan and Reagan reaching out for the stuff in 3D.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Disney Part 1- long post

in the airport...getting impatient to see Mickey!
view inside our room/ was awesome!
view of the Magic Kingdom from our room
Ethan in his Mickey ears
Ethan, Mimi, and Baby Ella
Ethan and Ray Ray in their "ears"
Papa and his boys
man to man talk with Papa
Ethan's 1st boatride, from the resort to the Magic Kingdom
our first ride in Disney,.....the train of course!
in front of Ethan's 1st Disney parade, he LOVED it!
proof that Brandon was there AND why he is the photographer, I'm terrible at it!
watching the parade on Papa's lap

My parents took the family to Disneyworld for Spring break this year and we had the BEST time! We took a lot of pictures, so the next few posts might be long, but I want to document our trip. Ethan did awesome flying for the first time, he loved everything he did and it was just so fun to see it through his eyes. I've always been a big fan of Disney, but even more so now after being there with him. Thanks mom and dad for the FABULOUS trip and priceless memories!

I need drive my sssssshhhhruck

Everytime we go outside we hear about how he needs to drive his truck. This was a nice Sunday afternoon and good chance to drive around the block. Surprisingly enough, he is a very good driver, excellent steerer and loves to drive it FAST!

Playin Ousssside

Yea!!! Ethan finally got to play outside for the first time since the snow. It felt so good to play in the sun, and it looks like he was having fun with his pirate fighting. Typical boy.....anything can be a sword......stick.....shovel....whatev.

His father's son

The week of Bargain Boutique, Ethan and Brandon spent a lot of quality time together. The top pic is what he looked like on the way to school riding in daddy's truck, the next is wearing his boots watching the big tv licking the bowl clean, and then finally reading the paper just like daddy in daddy's seat!

Valentines with Mommy and Daddy

As Ethan would say, " I got my shover, my toy story, my buzz, and my frog" He mostly like the shover....the rest didn't taste as good as they looked fun!

Valentines with Gaga & Papaw

Gaga and Papaw came over to bring Ethan his valentines goodies and showed up right at the end of naptime (hence the fabulous hair). Ethan was so excited to get lots of candy, word world dvd, and fruit snacks as well as some playtime with Gaga and Papaw. He tried at least 4 flavors of dum dums that day....guess that's what grandparents are and cavities :)