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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparents Day 2010

sorry for the sun, ethan couldn't look at me facing the other way!
"see....these my cars"
"and this my house"
"and these my books"

Ethan's school had Grandparents Day last week and my mom and Brandon's dad were able to attend. It looks funny to see them mismatched with Ethan, but he was SO excited they were both there. We met them in the parking lot and he walked them into school and to his room where just like everywhere else, he wants to go straight for the cars. So he showed them those, then off to the kitchen to name all of the play food and utensils, then to the reading area and look a books, and build a lincoln log house for them. When it was time to go he wanted them to stay of course, but he let them go so he could go play outside with his friends. It was fun to let them visit and see what he does when they're not playing/babysitting him :)

Fun with friends

of course Ethan turns a golf club into a "gun"
cute couple
quite possibly my fave pic in a long time
pic of me and Sabra taken by Ethan, through a door at his view point

Last weekend we got to hang out with a few of our friends that we rarely get to see. It was so good to catch up with them and have some good laughs and watch my child show out as always. Brandon was the paparazzi that night, and then Ethan got in on the action before I walked him home to go to bed!

First Soccer Practice

put me in coach...i'm ready to play
first team huddle, listening intently to the coach
following coach's instructions!
playing "catch the coach" and he's almost got him!
ready for a water break
he did MULTIPLE victory laps after he kicked in his 1st goal

Ethan is officially old enough to try new activities, so we are starting with soccer. Both of my brothers played growing up, and I'm hoping for Ethan to learn about following instructions and teamwork. He was very excited when we got there, but I'm not sure he loves the structured practice yet. He drifts off and does his own thing, but I am choosing to only post pics of the team stuff he did participate in. He loves the coaches' whistles and the water breaks, he also likes the obstacle course, but it really wears him out!

First Day of School - Fall 2010

Ethan's first day of school, starting in his new class - 3B. He was ready to go and had no time for pictures, but this is real life to every day. I just can't believe how big he is and that he's not a baby anymore! He loves his new teacher and I know he's going to have so much fun and grow so much this year!

Ethan Turns 3

Reagan helping Ethan open gifts
Superhero football player

After the big birthday party the week before, we had a family celebration on Ethan's actual birthday, August 9. We had dinner and pound cake (Ethan's other favorite like his papa), and then presents and a pinata. Mimi, Papa, Gaga, Papaw, Courtney, Erika, Reagan, Ella, and Chris were all here to make Ethan's day so special. Ethan weighed in at 44 lbs and measured 40 1/2 inches, making him continue being off the charts for his weight and height. We definitely have a big boy on our hands and we're so proud of him. He had a big time celebrating his birthday for a few weeks and it was tough to convince him that his birthday had to end :)

Zoo Member Appreciation Day

With summer coming to an end and school beginning, we decided to take advantage of a special day at the zoo. They were giving free carousel and train rides and free food, so we made a day of it. Of course the day it's free, Ethan didn't want to ride the carousel and we only rode the train once, but we had so much fun running around and seeing the animals and enjoying a free day before the school routine begins!

Ethan's 3rd Birthday Party

love this pic, can you tell he's having fun?
playing in the sprinklers with Lila
where we found him all night, playing with the fountain spraying down his back into his shorts....he will thank me later THIS is the pic I chose!
Ethan singing happy birthday to himself
kids LOVE cupcakes!
Papaw, Ethan, and Taylor taking a short rest
Ethan and Gaga in the big pool, playing on the stairs

The last 2 years Ethan has gotten upset at his birthday party, so I tried to pick a location he knew well and would have lots of fun without getting overwhelmed. We went with the neighborhood pool b/c there is plenty to do for all ages and hopefully he would have a blast. We had it on a monday night the week before his birthday and had a great turnout! Lots of his friends and ours came to celebrate and the weather turned out perfect with a little cloud cover so no sunburns and lots of happy people. Hopefully we can do this every year!