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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Asleep on daddy

Ethan has not felt well this week b/c he is cutting another tooth on the top and it's really taking a toll on him! He and I went to lunch with the girls for Callie's birthday and he was so sleepy afterwards that he took a 2 1/2 hour nap...then brandon and I took him to walmart and since he was doing so good, we decided to try to get dinner real quick on the way home. Well, as you can see, Ethan pooped out, sitting up in daddy's lap, but it was too sweet not to take a picture!

First Table Food

We went to cozymel's the other night and when we asked for crackers, they had none...but they did have vanilla wafers, so we thought we'd give it a try and he liked least 2 of them and then he was done.

Crawling is sooo hard

Ethan wants to crawl SO bad, but just gives up after a little bit of serious rocking and rolls all over b/c it's much easier. He can roll across a room in NO time, and he just can't figure out the moving of the arms to get crawling. He can kind of backwards crawl, but then he falls on his belly and does swimming moves instead!

Easter basket time

On Sunday morning before getting ready for church, we gave Ethan his Easter basket from us. He got lots of books, a cartoon dvd, and a koala to go with his other jungle animals. Everything passed the taste test! And...unfortunately these are the only pictures we got of him on Easter. I planned to get some family photos at Easter lunch, but he wasn't in the best of moods, so we just tried to keep him entertained. But he looked cute, I promise!

Ethan's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

fell asleep on his bottle after all the excitement
Mimi is funny and entertaining during lunchtime
Reagan showing Ethan what's in his basket
Ethan with his basket of goodies...this age isn't eager for the eggs yet
Reagan isn't good about smiling at the camera, but I promise he wasn't mad.

My parents took us to the Easter celebration at PVCC this weekend, and we had the joy of going with cousin Reagan! Reagan went with Ethan and I for Ethan's age group (0-2) and helped me collect eggs for Ethan's basket. Ethan wasn't too sure about it, but it was sweet to see them together and Reagan teaching his little cousin all about it.

Easter/ Anniversary in Plumerville

Ethan with Uncle Jared & Aunt Brandi
Papaw, WeWe, Ethan, and Madison
Ethan with his cousin Madison, she couldn't hold him very long
visiting with Nonie

We went to Plumerville Friday night to visit Brandon's family and celebrate Easter, Jared & Brandi's exciting pregnancy news (looks like it's a boy), and it was Papaw & WeWe's 63th wedding anniversary. Ethan was the star with his rolling around, trying to pull up on furniture, and this really sweet cooing he was doing when he got sleepy.

First Apple

My neighbor recommended this little mesh pacifier-looking thing to try giving Ethan some real foods in so he can learn to chew to get food. I cut up an apple for he and I to share and he LOVED it! Of course, apple juice got everywhere from him slinging it in the process, but it was fun and he hollered when I took it away, he NEVER does I knew he liked it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

7 Months Old!

who's that cute baby in the mirror looking back at me? He's fun to play with and talk to!
getting good at driving, its easiest in the kitchen on the tile, but he's getting it down.

Ethan turned 7 months old on Sunday, March 9. He is really turning into such a big little boy! Any day now I know he is going to be into everything, but it's so fun to watch him as he discovers new things around him and discovers what he's now capable of.
At 7 months Ethan:
- can scooch/semi-crawl backwards. He is getting up on his hands and knees and takes a few inches forward before choosing to roll instead.
- rolls all over the place. I either have to move toys or furniture to give him more room so he can continue his roll.
-has 2 teeth really in on the bottom and working on the 2 top we think.
-eating his fruits and veggies everyday like a big boy
-loves to play and flirt with strangers at the stores, and is even trying to crawl out of strollers and carts!
-thinks he is such a talker. He uses baby noises like he's really telling a story now and just loves it when you talk back to him
- is just the sweetest baby ever and we are enjoying every minute with him

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ethan's First Snow

Only in Arkansas can this happen on March 4, after a springtime weekend. The joys of weather ups and downs in this state :) Brandon was so excited when he looked outside this morning, he couldn't wait to wake up Ethan and show him the snow. So that's what we we rolled out of bed and grabbed him a hat and went outside. Ethan just kept looking around like he was so amazed. Then we played with the the front door open this morning (obviously there's another glass door there, we weren't freezing the house out) and Ethan just kept looking outside and precious!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bath Time

Bath time has become one of Ethan's favorite times...and we realized tonight when he was splashing around that we haven't gotten any bath time photos since he started enjoying it. So we took several photos of our happy little splasher, but so he doesn't hate us later in life, I'm only posting the ones from the chest up :)

Just a Swingin'

On Friday afternoon we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took a walk down to the neighborhood park. We've been talking about getting a swing for Ethan, so we thought it'd be good to try it out first. I thought he would sit in it easier since he sits so well on his own at home, but that swing has been there since I was his age in this same neighborhood, so I'm sure it's seen better days. He was kinda reclined in it, but he seemed to have a great now it's time to get him his own for this spring :)