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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dirty Boy

Ethan has now decided he likes table food, and he wants to try everything you're trying. So the last few nights I've been sharing off my plate. Last night we had our neighbors over for dinner and they have a little boy who's 2. So Ethan was very interested in everything he was doing and wanted to be all over the place. First, he got food all over his face and stuck to his cheeks eating in his highchair, so he was already messy. Then he wanted to crawl around on the deck and looks were deceiving b/c it didn't look that dirty, but after a few minutes, he was the dirtiest I have EVER seen him, so I had to take a picture. Can you tell he really liked being dirty? He's ALL boy!

Reading Reagan

this is Ethan trying to shut the boring book :)
This would have been my reaction to having this read to me as well
"let me outta here"
Ethan's favorite destination these days is Brandon's bookshelf. Particularlythe Glenn Beck book and a compilation of Reagan's speeches from the 70's. So Brandon decided he should start reading the Reagan book at bedtime for Ethan since he was so interested.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Ethan & daddy are SO excited to be outside on a new adventure!

right above the submarine on the NLR side of the bridge
Ethan ate tons of crackers thanks to his grammy, then she introduced him to fruit punch...that's what grammies are for!
On Saturday, we loaded up and went downtown to enjoy lunch at the rivermarket, walk the new junction bridge, let daddy tour the submarine, and just enjoy being outside doing stuff daddy loves! Ethan has been doing better with trying table food and finger foods more lately, so he impressed us at Bosco's on saturday by sharing our sweet potato fries with us (and throwing a few down on the sidewalk for strangers walking by. Then me and Ethan watched the turtles being fed and paced the area surrounding the submarine while Brandon toured the USS Razorback. He was SO excited about getting to go...and Ethan said daddy's happiness was worth the late nap AND his mild sunburn. Saturday night Brandon and I went on our first date in what seems like months and saw Kung Fu Panda and then had a fabulous dinner at SO outside on the patio. Sunday we headed to Plumerville for church and lunch with Brandon's family and then back to LR to hang out at the pool with my parents. All in all, a wonderful father's day weekend with lots of fun memories with all the daddies.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ethan at 10 months

Ethan turned 10 months old on Monday. It's hard to believe time has flown by so fast. He is at such a fun age where his personality is really beginning to show and he is all boy and into everything! We just added a gate to our house to keep him on one side of the house. I never thought we would have to, but I wrongly anticipated how much of a gunker this child would be!
At 10 months Ethan:
-is standing by himself. He pulls up on whatever he is playing near, then lets go and stands there, sometimes long enough to stand and clap. We think any day now he is going to take off walking!
-has 7 1/2 teeth. 4 top, 3 bottom, and 1 bottom tooth pushing through currently.
-loves most to mess with daddy's books....hence the gate.
-still isn't very interested in table food, but will eat a few baby puffs before the pretend gagging starts up.
-really knows people he sees all the time. He has smiles for mommy, daddy, and his grandparents...but he's not so sure about anyone else.
-LOVES bathtime! we have all kinds of toys floating in the trick is keeping him sitting instead of standing in the tub.
-loves to be tickled! it's so fun to watch him as he anticipates it and then laughs so hard.
What a blessing this child is. So sweet and loving and entertaining. Every day we pray thanks to God for such a special baby and the opportunity to raise him.

Terri's Wedding

Mary Carole's was in the woods by the outhouse :)
Mine had the prominent location at the edge of the porch
Ashley's beautiful creation was of course a centerpiece
MC was so forlorn by her location
the bride and MC with her sad plant
As of last saturday, Terri and Bracy are now Mr. & Mrs. Cross. The wedding took place at Bracy's family's cabin on Petit Jean on a bluff and it could not have been more beautiful. (maybe cooler, but not prettier) I unfortunately was struck ill on Saturday with a killer stomach virus, so I had to cut the party short for myself, but it was so fun and so perfect for them. The pictures of the hanging plants are the products of the flower shower that I posted about previously. They were used as decorations at the cabin during the ceremony and rehearsal dinner, then Terri and Bracy will hang them at their new home.