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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wiggle Worms


" 'ello...'ello.....HI looooo HI looooo"

driving the car (but he can't reach the pedals)

Ethan and I went to Wiggle Worms at the Museum of Discovery last week. They read Brown Bear what do you see and then got to see an owl!!! Ethan was scared at first, but got very interested in him when it was time to go. We also made silly glasses which Ethan is still carrying around with him. Hopefully we'll get to go back soon, he had a lot of fun playing with the other kids and running around the museum.

Happy Fall

This is my favorite time of year and it's finally starting to FEEL like fall! I took Ethan to the neighborhood park the other day to check it out. He really liked the slide there, and it's got 2 slides side by side so we had fun sliding down together. Then Brandon and I had a mini date weekend. Ethan went to Plumerville for a few days and we went to Fayetteville for the South Carolina game. The weather was PERFECT for football....and we won which makes it even more fantastic!

Ethan in October

loved his hat so much he wanted to wear it to church the next morning!

Our Little Pirate Ethan


Getting ready for some Razorback football....too bad we lost that day, but Mr. Ethan looked so cute!

At Children's all dressed and ready for his procedure. He did really well and we just found out that all the tests were negative!!! We are so excited to have gotten good news and happy he won't have to be scoped again in the foreseeable future.

Going to the big D

watching his choo choos with headphones for mommy and daddy's sanity!
the view from our seats. 40 yard line, 5th row...THANKS DAD!!!!!

Somehow I didn't get more pictures from this weekend, but we had a blast! We stopped in Sachse on the way in to see Kara and Will which was so fun. Will has gotten so big and it was great to see him and Ethan playing together. Then we loaded up and went to dinner with Brandon's cousin Jonathan before we headed to our hotel in SouthLake. My sweet parents got the whole family tickets to the AR game at Dallas stadium and put us up at the Hilton in Southlake for the weekend. Ethan slept in the middle of a big old bed surrounded by pillows and he slept like a champ! We did some shopping and eating and lots of good family time and a great game against A&M in that incredible stadium!!!!

My birthday weekend

I am the baby of my friends, but I am now in my last year of my 20's. My sweet husband sent me the MOST DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberries to work and my parents sent me BEAUTIFUL flowers! I took Ethan to Harvestfest in Hillcrest and he had a big time with the sidewalk chalk. Brandon bought me a GORGEOUS dining room set for our new house and then our sweet friends watched Ethan on my birthday night so we could have a dinner date. Very fun weekend with my family celebration to come in Dallas for the AR v. A&M game!!

Ethan in September

Picking out his new lawnmower at Home Depot. Of course he's a John Deere man!

This was the night of his 2 year pictures. He wasn't in the best mood, but we took the pictures at PVCC and he just wanted to ride on the carts. So after pictures were over, the nice guys in the pro shop let us borrow a cart to go for a ride around the course...BIG FUN!

Long time no post

Sorry we've been gone so long! It's been a crazy few months for the Gray family. We sold our house in July in 3 weeks!!!! So we moved into an apartment with plans to build a house....then while we were meeting with the builder about our house plans, I got a new house listing emailed to me and it was a good match. It went on the market on Tuesday, we saw it Wednesday, made an offer and it was ours by Thursday. Then we went to the builder and asked him to do some remodeling for us. We stayed in the apartment while the house got ready, then finally moved into our new home in October. All of our recent pictures are from my phone b/c I haven't found the cameras yet, so bear with us as we get settled and then we'll get better about blogging again.