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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Neighbor Boys

Ethan is looking for the goldfish....he doesn't want ANY of Luke's fruit, only the goldfish which he has been stealing all night
Ethan and Connor...Connor wants out to find his 3 big brothers and do whatever they're doing!

Our neighbors behind us and beside us both have little boys within 6 weeks of Ethan and they are so fun to watch together! We try to have dinner regularly with both families so the boys can the older 4 boys from their houses, so you can imagine it's a bit chaotic but lots of fun.

Ethan at 13 months

this shirt says it all 100% boy!

Now that Ethan is almost 14 months old....I'm just now posting the pics of him on his 13 month-day. He is walking/trying to run all over the place and we are starting to have the bumps and bruises to prove it. He just gets more fun everyday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Perfectly Coifed

Well, just call Ethan Vanity Smurf. He LOVES to have his hair combed and brushed and loves to look at his handsome self in the hall mirror. He also is happy just to carry either his comb, his brush, or my brush all around the house or in the car with him.

Puddin' Time

The other night after Ethan's dinner, I saw pudding cups in the fridge and thought, I wonder if he'd like that. you can see he LOVED it! I've never seen him eat anything so quickly!

Lake Wedington

not so sure about this swing thing.....
"maybe we could try swinging together"
"yeah daddy, i like it better off the swings too"
Juliet has a seriously high swing
Juliet & Reagan tire swinging

In an attempt to show Juliet all over Fayetteville(area), we started with Dickson Street, tour of the campus and all the guys names etched in the sidewalks, snack/drinks at Jose's....then, why not a trip to Lake Wedington? My parents live out Wedington....but noone had any idea how far out that place was! It was fun to swing and tour the place which apparently is the local beach for it was excellent people watching as well. Juliet definitely wins the Awesome Aunt award b/c she was in an episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Scientist #2), plays Transformers, loves to wrestle, AND she tire swings like a champ!

Game Day...AR vs. Leathernecks

Mimi, Papa, & Ethan ready to squirm!
Is Ethan saying AR is #1 or that Uncle Chris is?
the lovely brother Chris & sis-in-law Juliet
Family Photo...woo pig sooie!
Brandon with his favorite Lil Razorback
tailgating with Mimi & Aunt Juliet

Since the whole family was in town for the holiday/AR game/dad's was a FULL weekend! We didn't tailgate much since the weather was so iffy in NW AR on Saturday, AND we had 2 little boys going to the game, and you can only stretch them so far. Game time was fun as always...thankfully my dad's tickets are in the south outdoor club, so we can go inside..which Ethan and I did during the 2nd quarter so he could run around and be free! After halftime and watching the was time for Erika and I to exit and take the boys home for a reasonable bedtime. While I HATE to leave a game was nice not to fight traffic or fussy children.

Ball House Fun

Friday night of labor day weekend, we had a family dinner at my brother Courtney's house to celebrate my dad's birthday the next day. The WHOLE family was there...but somehow I only caught pictures of Ethan and Reagan playing in Reagan's ball house. Thanks to Erika for keeping it around so Ethan could enjoy it too!