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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Athletic Club Birthday Party

I'm playing with the big kids now!
how about some scooty-bootying through this tunnel
little rest after all this tunnel crawling!
I'm getting good on this tunnel thing!
Mommy, follow me through these!

Last weekend Ethan and I went to Drake's 3rd birthday party at the Athletic Club. Ethan is too young to play in there when I go to work out, so this was the first time we had been down there. Of course Ethan cried when we first got there and sat in the floor b/c he thought I was going to leave him. Then he wouldn't get in the jungle gym thing without yes, I was the only mom playing in there.(sorry there's no pics to prove it) After a few minutes he was ready to go on his own, but I had to stay in there to make sure the bigger kids didn't trample him! The tunnel was his favorite, hence all the pics in there....but we had a blast. Thanks Drake for inviting us!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pray for Harper

I'm sure anyone who reads this blog, also reads Kelly's Korner. We've all followed her through their journey to get pregnant, then through the entire pregnancy, all awaiting her birthday on Friday. Now Kelly, Scott, and baby Harper need our prayers. Please click on the link to the right if you haven't already read her story and to keep updated!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ethan @ 17 months

Ethan turned 17 months last friday.....time is flying! I missed the 16 month photos, so I'm trying to do better. This is the first time I've ever seen his hair lay down for I'm wondering if it's time for a haircut or what's going on with it! He seems to be growing daily...and just like in the pictures, he's full of joy and hollering :)
At 17 months Ethan:
-is finally learning to eat some meat...still a very picky eater. he prefers to feed himself, but he's not so good with the utensils yet. He loves bananas, string cheese, and all crackers.
-LOVES to doesn't take much to get him going, and when he gets really worked up, he can break it down! It's so fun to watch him having so much fun and the boy's got great rhythm!
-Still wants 2 naps a day, I thought with his school routine he would drop one...but he still needs 2.
-is learning to follow directions. He understands when we tell him things and it's so neat to watch him constantly learning.
-still prefers to point and make noises at you rather than talking. his doctor said since he had the ear infections constantly, it was like living underwater all that time, but we hope to have more words very soon.
-is such a joy and we are so proud of him. He is such a sweet child, and it melts my heart every time he backs up to sit in my lap and snuggle in. He thinks he's such a big boy and is really becoming more of one every day. So we are just trying to enjoy every bit of it as it's flying by.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

bed head

Lots of people think Ethan has bed head when they see him because of his rooster/alfalfa hair in the back that stands straight up. I try to, that's what it looks like all the time. So to prove my point....THIS is bed head and no, he won't look at the camera b/c he is MAD about having his picture taken (I think he's aware the hair is even scarier than normal)

cookie monster

Ever notice a LOT of our pics on here are of Ethan in the high chair? It's the only place I can keep him contained and not lunging forward for the camera. Last night we were so impressed with Ethan eating ALL of his supper, that we gave him some oreos as a treat.....what a treat! his daddy couldn't resist catching it on camera.

Sensitive skin?

Ethan has been diagnosed with severe acid reflux, and it's the cause of his swallowing issues as well. According to the time he is 2, with the consistent reflux medication, he should be healed. (BIG PRAISE) When Ethan gets the runny nose, and congestion and gunk...we take Chlordex for the congestion. Suddenly last week Ethan keeps getting these red marks anywhere he touches himself or if we touch him anywhere. They don't stay too long, but we're out of guesses on the cause. I post all this to ask if any other moms/dads have seen this in their kids or what might cause it?


I'd been telling Brandon I thought it would be fun to get RockBand for us to play together, or when people come over here. Well....Brandon's not real big on it yet....I love it and tend to play when Ethan is napping. The other night we had our neighbors over for dinner and we all had the best time! The guys played the instruments and all 7 kids danced and jumped around, and us ladies just laughed and heckled and took a few pictures. Can't wait for the next time!

Jumpzone with the neighbors son assumes the throne MUST be for him!
only pic of ethan not scared stiff on a slide :)
Ethan's favorite...the car that costs money to "drive"
mommy and ethan crawling to find daddy
Brandon, Ethan, Connor, and Amy
Daddy & Ethan at the entrance before the funness got started!

Last Sunday night we went to Jumpzone for the first time with our 2 neighbor families. They each have a little one Ethan's age and then there are several older boys as well. At first, Ethan was terrified, but by the end, he was running and throwing himself on the inflatables. So fun and we will have to go back soon. Mommy and daddy got all sweaty too just trying to carry this big 'un around and up the slides!