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Sunday, December 28, 2008

For Grammy

Hey Grammy! This is me in my new fancy houseshoes you got me. Mommy told me how you didn't believe I would keep them on, but I've been running around in them and loving it! Thanks for the cozy bears keeping my feet nice and warm!

Christmas Day 2008

this was the best Christmas ever!
another way to be served from the car
no need to leave his car since his daddy will serve him in it
he preferred sitting back and watching the excitement
Cousin Reagan made the biggest haul from Santa
This is what Santa brought for Ethan!

Christmas morning was fun with Ethan. Santa brought him all kinds of goodies and this was his big gift which we now cannot get him out of. He sits in it to watch tv, to drink his juice, and just to have a seat sometimes. He didn't really get into the gift opening, but once you tore the paper off his face would light up and he'd go "oohhh". So cute! We had a big time putting together his gifts at my parents' and we've been playing hard with all of it ever since.

Christmas Eve 2008

Ethan with his new toy and cousin Garett
Nonie with squirmy Ethan and cousin Garett
Ethan with his Grammy

Ethan with his cousin Madison
ethan was less than thrilled to be woken early from his nap to get strapped into his car seat...he didn't care that we were taking him to get toys!

As is tradition, we spent Christmas eve in Plumerville with Brandon's family. Ethan still doesn't get into the opening of gifts, but he wants to play with them IMMEDIATELY. So we had a good time ripping things out of boxes before I even had a chance to register who gave him what. Lots of fun though to see him running around with all the cousins having a big time.

The last few weeks

santa ethan loves his firetruck!
this was the best we could get for the Christmas cards
No need to waste money on lots of gifts....I just love to play with trash :)

These last few weeks have FLOWN by, it's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone. Ethan was not very cooperative for a cute Christmas picture because he was scared pf the Christmas tree, so I had to trick him by putting him in his firetruck near the tree. But he was full of it that night and wouldn't be we took what we could get. Don't worry though, the fear of the tree didn't last....we've spent the last week no-noing him for shaking the branches. Good thing I chose not to decorate the bottom half just in case!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daddy got a new toy

Look what daddy got just in time for the end of deer season and before he gets to go duck hunting. Just what every man needs! He was so excited to come home and show Ethan. Luckily we got these pictures before the engine was cranked up b/c after that, he wanted nothing to do with it! I know they'll have plenty of time on it for years to come.

Thanksgiving 2008

this is how we finished our lunch out there, redneck kid b/c it was so dang hot!
in Papaw's fishing hat
this is his sweet face, like he's not doing anything wrong
could the excitement be more obvious!

Better late than never I guess....since it's been long enough that my husband is worried about my lack of blogging. We didn't take many pictures of Thanksgiving this year, but we did get some of Ethan playing out at Uncle David and Aunt Cindy's house in Plumerville. He played with his Papaw Terry outside for a LONG time....on the playset, and then driving his car and adjusting every setting. Thanks Papaw for entertaining me!