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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Church Fall Festival

where better to have a snack than in a tunnel?
i see daddy at the end of this tunnel thing!
this bouncy thing is fun to lay on!

Tonight was our Fall Festival at church. I really struggled with a halloween costume idea for Ethan this year b/c he can't stand having things on his head, which makes most costumes out of the question. So we decided on a doctor outfit which turned out really cute, and then of course he actually kept the hat oh well. Our sunday school class is in charge of the toddler area, so every year people bring their toddler toys from home and one family has a bounce house for little ones so that's always a big hit. This was Ethan's first time in a bounce house and at first he wasn't too sure, but then had a big time falling around in it.

Cousin Jealousy

When Brandon's family got together for his grandfather's visitation last Thursday, I got the chance to hold our new nephew Garett. Everything was sweet and cuddly, til Ethan saw me. Ohhh he could not STAND it, so I sat down so I could hold them both. For a minute it was sweet and ok and he cuddled on me, then he showed his mad side b/c he was tired of sharing me. Oh least I know he loves his mama.

14 Months Old & a Haircut

So this is VERY late in posting since Ethan is almost 15 months old now....but here are the 14 month pics I took weeks ago. Also notice how short and spiky his hair is. We went to the new Crewcuts & Pigtails to get his hair cut and I must say...that place is FABULOUS! He got to sit in a firetruck and drive it and ring the bell while they cut his hair. He also was given animal crackers to munch he never even noticed he was getting a haircut! It was wonderful and I absolutely recommend it for children's cuts. I unfortunately learned he has a "swirl" on the back of his that hair is not laying down anytime soon. Oh well, he's still a cutie!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged...

Hmmm...I was tagged a few days ago, but have been racking my brain to come up with 7 things about me. I'm sure there's plenty more than 7 weird things about me, but I'm having writer's block.

1. I am a numbers FREAK....whether it be license plates, the clock, whatever I look at, if it has numbers, I am finding the relationship whether adding, multiplying, whatever.
2. I met Brandon online when I was a senior in college. We were both dared to join a dating site on a whim and we met. (I never paid for the membership though...he had to join to send me emails :) ) We met at the Electric Cowboy with a BIG group (keeping it safe just in case) and we've been together ever since.
3. I bought a house right out of college one street over from the street I grew up on. So I've lived in this neighborhood 22 out of my 28 years.
4. I actually went to college on a music scholarship......but I never wanted to teach it or perform professionally, so I ended up with an accounting degree.
5. I can't whistle. My dad has an ultimate whistle that my brothers could hear down at the neighborhood park, and I can't squeak anything out! So hopefully Brandon will teach Ethan because I'm worthless on that.
6. I love chick lit and reality tv. Both things make Brandon's "ear's bleed" just thinking about it....but I have to think analytically all the time with my work, so it's my time to just shut it all off and just have mindless activity, i love it!
7. I am trying desperately to win McDonald's Monopoly this round. I have no idea why, but I'm really trying. I go everyday and get a large coke...and I'm playing online too to double my chances. I'm pretty positive I won't win...that's why I only get a coke each day b/c I don't eat any of the foods that give game pieces and I don't want to waste any more money than that to try to play.

I tag Kara, Rebecca, Melissa, Erin, Jill, Todd/Jenny

Enjoying the Outside

We tried to take Ethan out to the pumpkin patch this afternoon and after driving all the way out there, we saw the sign saying they're closed with a phone # to call. I called the number just to find out they are no longer doing a pumpkin patch and they referred me to another place. I have been going to the Hidden Valley Farm pumpkin patch all my life and so I'm so sad to not get to share it with Ethan. They referred me to one out Geyer Springs...but if anyone knows of any other good ones, please leave a comment!

When we got home from the drive around town, Ethan wanted to go outside and play, so we went swinging and sliding and playing with the rubber pieces. That's the most excited he's been out there yet!

Race for the Cure 2008

Ethan and mommy, ready to go!
Ethan talked Aunt Whitney into loading him up....he's ready to race!
Ethan loves Aunt Whitney & her sunglasses!

Today was the Race for the Cure here in LR. I was so sad to have to do it without my mom this year. She had a business trip that fell the same weekend, and it 's the first race i've ever done without her! She is a breast cancer survivor....this December marks 18 years for her...praise God! We missed Mimi...but Ethan and I represented the family. Thanks to Callie, Whitney, Rebecca, baby Calleigh, and Mrs. Ruth for a great walk!

Playdate with Mimi

Ethan loved being on the 2nd floor looking down at me!
Mimi & Ethan playing Vet
Mimi & Ethan playing in the water table
he tried to give his fake cookie to EVERYBODY

My mom has Ethan and I had a play date with her last week. We hadn't ever been to the Wonderplace, so we went to lunch and then to run around over there. Ethan had a big time crawling over stuff, dragging things around, playing on the water table...and sticking things in his mouth. So we put a lot of stuff in the "icky boxes" scattered around the place...but it was a lot of fun. I look forward to taking him back a lot more as he gets bigger.

My Birthday Weekend

Our "pre-game" photo with the view from our hotel room. We weren't sure whether or not cameras were allowed, so we missed out on game pics.
This picture is for Mexicali Rose...Guadalajara had a tile in this fence and we thought of you and took a pic to capture the moment! :)
Brandon w/ downtown KC behind him. This is the view from the WW1 memorial that we walked around. very neat!
Brandon's artistic photography of Dickson
proof I was there with my people!
this old biker's whole bike was tricked out with these neon lights AND music!
proud aunt w/ cuddly baby Garett
proud uncle Brandon and baby Garett
Sweet family...Brandi, Garett, and Madi

My birthday was Sep 27, so Brandon and I took a trip to Kansas City for the weekend. Both of us had never been to an NFL game, so we took the chance to go see the KC Chiefs play Denver. I had low expectations for the Chiefs since they had lost their last 13 games, but they WON! I, among everyone else, couldn't believe it...but it was soooo much fun! We've now decided we need to do that every fall....but see a different team each year. We decided to break up the long trip on Friday and stopped in Pottsville to see our new nephew Garett Mason. He is Brandon's brother's baby. He was so precious and his mommy and sister were very sweet to share him with us for a little while. Then we stayed the night in Fayetteville and went to the Dickson St. Bike Festival. It reminded me of the old days of working at the state rallies for Mr. H...very loud and VERY fun!