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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bargain Boutique 2009

Welcome to Bargain Boutique!
view of the silent auction
view of some of the clothing racks before the preview party
This is what Lizzy does when there are SO many colorful items to choose from and there is a lull in the sale!
I look sleepier than i thought, but this is me with my chair Kelly

As I think I mentioned in a previous post, I was chair-elect this year for Bargain Boutique for the Junior League of Little Rock. It's a women and children's consignment sale that also sells new items from local retailers. The thing that sets our sale apart is that all the money goes back into the community through our JLLR projects. I was at the league building most of last week and weekend and am just now really recovering from it....but I can't wait til next year. (well....yes i can, but i AM excited) We had a big preview party and silent auction friday night and it's a fancy event since we get to do it all at the beautiful league building.

Daddy's Boots

Ethan is really into the mimicking phase now, especially everything his daddy does. He likes to put on his boots and try to walk, of course with no luck, but I think it's the cutest thing so I had my fellows pose for the pics last time I caught him. (pardon the mess in the background, hangers and clothes from Bargain Boutique)

Wow! Hair!

after school and nap with help from the baby wipe
"what are you DOING with that camera woman????!!?!?!"
before school :)

This day Ethan had particularly crazy hair when he woke up, so I took a picture b/c it was making me laugh. Then when I took him to school, they also thought it was extra wild, because one of his teachers thought a baby wipe would help it to lay down. Brandon and I were not real excited about that, and obviously neither was Ethan. Notice how much worse it was that afternoon! Too funny not to capture on film!

Valentines Day 09

For Valentines Day this year, Brandon and I had a date night with our sunday school class at one couple's house. All the guys were responsible for the food and the ladies just had to show up. We didn't take any pics together, but at least we each got a pic with our favorite valentine and his vday gift of a new puppy to carry around everywhere.

18 Months Old

It's very late I know...Ethan turned 18 months old on February 9. But I got his chair pictures on Valentines Day, 5 days later. When we went to his appointment, he weighed 30 lbs and he is still in the 85th-90th percentile on his height and weight. Everything checked out great and he is a healthy growing boy. We discussed that he's a picky eater, but noone is surprised since he is my son :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poor Mr. Ethan

Ethan turned 18 months on Monday...I don't know where the time has gone. They called me Monday morning to come get Ethan from school with fever of 102. So I haven't gotten his official pictures in the chair yet. He has to always have Lemonade with him, as you can see even while he's eating. Ethan has been sick all week with the fever rising and we've had a lot of quality time. He's doing better today and hopefully he's going to school tomorrow for his Valentines party. So I'll get better pictures this weekend and update with stats after his appointment next week.

Weekend Project

hot mess! Brandon is a book collector and we've definitely outgrown this space
cleaned out & ready for paint
Finished product...before the books return!

While we were out celebrating our anniversary, and Ethan was at my parents' house, Connie did some projects around the house. New doorknobs, new garbage disposal, worked on a toilet, and most importantly...updated the bookshelf. Brandon and I hadn't talked about it in a while, so I was surprised when he sprung it on him....but it REALLY needed it. Now we just need to downsize the books in it so it doesn't look so messy!

Poor Pitiful Ethan

Last week Ethan had 2 days where they had to change his clothes. The first day the outfit was almost too small because it had been in his bag for 4 months without having to use it. So I changed it to a bigger size when I replaced the outfit and these pants had never been worn. When I went to get him Friday and he had been changed again, the pants were falling off of him so I had to take a picture, which he was not in the mood to you can see.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 5 years!

Professor Bowl.....I won 3 out of 4 games....all thanks to my lovely bowling ball "BettyAnne", I knew she'd bring me luck!

We went to see Gran Torino, and I HIGHLY recommend this movie. I was excited to see it, but it was nothing like what I expected, even better!
Checking in to the LOVELY capital hotel
Walked up and down the rivermarket, then decided to return to the Capital and have dinner at Ashley's....yummy!

Brandon and I celebrated our 5th anniversary yesterday. It's hard to believe we've been married that long, and together for 7 years. We made plans to stay at the Capital Hotel since that's where we stayed on our wedding night and have ourselves a "staycation" while Ethan stayed at my parents' house. We had a day of dates and just really enjoyed spending time together and having a lot of fun. We've had a wonderful first 5 years and can't wait to see what the next 5 bring us. Since I forgot my camera, I have posted pics of our activities from the day! This was the most fun anniversary and lots of great memories made.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Since Brandon had been gone all weekend, he just wanted to relax sunday night and stay home. So my parents came over bearing many snacks and we just hung out and played with Ethan. My dad "shirted" him and then he wanted to stay that way all night. It was pretty entertaining. It all happened b/c Ethan just LOVES to show his we found a way to show it off all the time.

While Daddy's Away....

This was him sunday morning. I got him extra dressed up for church so maybe noone would notice the eye or think i beat him :)
this was how he looked right after getting him up, I couldn't clean off the blood b/c everytime I touched him, it started to bleed

Brandon had a guys' weekend with our sunday school guys at a friend's deer camp last me and Ethan were having some quality time. I went to hot springs saturday for Kelly's wedding and the races with my friends, so Ethan got to spend half the day with each grandmother. When I got home, I decided he needed a little nap to make it through the evening. And when I went to get him up, this is what I found....blood on the sheet, on his pillow, on Lemonade. You could say I kinda freaked out! I turned on the lights and found the source of the blood was the eyelid and when I looked at it, it started bleeding again! So, I knew my doctor neighbor and wife were on a date, but I called and interrupted anyways b/c I was home alone with him and wasn't sure if I had to take him in to get in to get stitches. Jason diagnosed on the phone and then came for a follow up on sunday to tell me it was all fine.