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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ethan's 1st Haircut

after my big boy haircut, we head next door for a cheese quesadilla and a smoothie!
it's a little more bearable with goldfish in my mouth
not liking the hair wetting with the spray bottle

So we waited as long as we could....and he was starting to have a rat tail as it was growing longer on 1 part. He got it cut tonight and he was already fussy b/c he's always sleepy after school, but we powered through. He fussed through the whole thing and we barely got it cut, but the lady was very nice and FAST, so it's done! I got my hair keepsake and Ethan has no more mullet!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

1 Year...1 Week

Ethan started walking last weekend, exactly one week after his 1st birthday. He had been cruising for a while...but now he just walks wherever he wants around the house (after pulling up on something to start from of course). He started a new school on Monday and they require socks & he hasn't mastered that yet, but he will soon enough. This is his 12 month picture in the chair, as well as his 1st day of school pic.
12 month stats: 25.1 lbs, 31 1/2 he's still in the 85-90% on both

Lovin' the Firetruck

As shown earlier....Ethan loves his firetruck we got him for his birthday. This last week he figured out how to "drive" it, so it has become an outside only toy. He was in the living room shoving his other toys around with it, so we decided to go outside and play where daddy was. We drove all over the driveway and up the street to our neighbor's house....then he was about done for that day. Plus, he LOVES the cute!

Look Who's Turned Around

We actually turned Ethan around 1 week before his birthday. He met the weight requirement several months ago and that night he got VERY sick to his stomach and got it after taking it all apart and cleaning it all we decided that was a good opportunity to go ahead and turn him around like the big boy he is. For the first few days he just was amazed being able to look outside..then it started to frustrate him b/c he couldn't fall asleep as easily....that has since changed, obviously.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ethan's 1st Birthday

Invitaions we sent out

Invitation pic since my pic of it seems blurry
Ethan's cowboy cake...yummy!
Ethan's cowboy cake, smash cake, and animal cookies
animal cookie party favors...we had chickens, pigs, cows & horses
just before cake in the 2 seconds he wore the hat!
ummm...what is this thing?
wait...this is yummy!!!!
after the destruction....notice the handprint right in the middle!
yea!!!! gift time!
this is my favorite package....I love mickey mouse!
my new zooby blanket, I'm so excited!
grand finale! firetruck from mommy & daddy....everyone on the road look out!
taking a break in my chair after all the hard work opening presents!

Ethan turned 1 year old yesterday and we had a backyard bbq to celebrate! We had a house full of friends and family and kids enjoying some good food and playing in the PERFECT weather! Ethan had a big time playing with the bigger kids, being passed around, and playing with his new goodies and the wrapping they were in. He did not like his party hat I made for him, so that got him upset before we even gave him the cake. So at first he wasn't sure about the cake, but then he got handfuls and had fun playing with it. I think mommy enjoyed opening the gifts more than Ethan, but he is LOVING them all now that they are open and ready to be played with. And he will be dressed so well for the fall! Thanks everyone for spoiling Ethan!!!
At 1 year Ethan:
~is still cruising furniture. He could walk if he would just let go, but so far it's just steps. Any day now big boy!
~is still saying da to most everything, or duh, or do...or mama when he's really getting upset.
~is riding facing front and loving watching out the windshield. He claps for mommy's driving daily :)
~is clinging tightly to mommy and daddy. he's figured when he is somewhere that we are going to leave him and he's not happy about it!
~likes to eat what mommy and daddy are having, but if he doesn't like it....he LOVES mac & cheese, cheese, and ritz crackers...and of course whole milk!
~is into everything. it seems daily his reach is growing. All cabinets and doors are kidproofed now and we are just waiting for the next challenge.

We are so proud of Ethan and cannot believe he is already a year old. Every day he seems to change and brings such a smile to Brandon and I. We can't wait to see what God has planned for this little man's life, and we are so grateful that God chose us to be his parents.We have loved every minute of Ethan's first year and look forward to so many more to come.