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Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Boy Pj's

Ethan is almost 6 months old.....but he is fully into his 12 month clothing. I was VERY sad to find out that they don't make sleep-n-plays with the feet for babies over 9 months. They are absolutely my favorite so I know he's warm and cozy. So we've been trying out big boy pj's and he looked so cute tonight I couldn't help take a picture! Also, he is getting so long, he looks so big in his crib, so we caught the moment as he tried to roll himself to sleep!

Ethan Jump Up

yes, I know they're called Johnny Jump Ups.....but since it's Ethan, we can call it what we want! Erika gave us this to was my nephew Reagan's when he was a baby. Well, he didn't know what to think about it at first, but after a few minutes it seemed he was really enjoying his freedom of movement. What a cutie pie!

John Deere Family

I rarely get good pics of Ethan fussing....but this was too cute too pass up!

Brandon's mom got this shirt for Ethan a few months ago, and since he is growing so fast, he's already able to wear it in honor of her visit! Ethan didn't want his picture taken in the chair alone...but always gets happy on the changing mat or when he's in someone's lap. What a spoiled baby!

Ethan's New Ride

So I've been trying to get one of these for Ethan since the first of November. His daddy was very particular about having the black mustang GT I finally tracked one down after all the backordered and out-of-stock shopping and Ethan isn't too sure about it yet. So far he just loves to honk the horn and squeeze the horn...he hasn't figured out yet that it moves and bounces...soon enough I'm sure!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Calling Grammy

Brandon's parents like to listen to Ethan "talk" on the phone, so since he was talking up a storm while sitting in his daddy's lap after his squash...we thought we'd give them a call. Ethan was having so much fun grabbing at his bottle (I think it was his microphone) and just jabbering away to his grammy, so I caught it on camera for them to see.

Squash and Football

Daddy wanted to help feed Ethan his squash, but also not miss any of the NFL playoff game, so we wheeled his chair into the living room and fed him while we watched football, what a treat! Ethan does not like squash as much as his carrots, but like the good sweet baby he always is, he cleaned his plate!

5 Months old

5 months old January 9, 2008

4 months old December 9, 2007

3 months old November 9, 2007
2 Months old Oct 9, 2007

Ethan was 5 months old last Wednesday, January 9. Just for comparison...I'm putting the last 4 months on there so we can see them all together and see how much he has grown. Everyone this weekend is commenting on how long he has gotten as well, so we figure he's gonna be bigger than both of us!

At 5 months Ethan:
- is trying SO hard to roll over, poor baby get 3/4 of the way over and then swings back. We've gotten a few rolls.....but only with a lot of encouragement from us.
- is trying to sit up. He sits up real well in high chairs and booster seats, but he tends to lean one way or the other a lot of the time.
- is dying to talk. He jabbers all day long and occasionally hollers, it's so funny b/c he really acts like he is being conversational.
- is trying to cut some teeth. Ambesol applications have become a new best friend. he doesn't care at all for the berry flavor, but afterwards you can tell he's really gotten some relief.....and everything he wears is being SOAKED in drool. So we are just waiting any day to see a tooth!

First Highchair Meal

Carrots in the highchair! I got Ethan's highchair out of the attic and it was all wrapped he got SO excited watching me unwrap it like it was one of his Christmas gifts! Then he loved being in it b/c he felt like such a big boy and he gets so proud of himself!

First food...carrots!

So Ethan LOVES carrots, just like his daddy! We are still "learning" how to really use the spoon better, but before he can even swallow one bite, he is looking for the next. Note to friends who haven't had babies or not tried to feed them carrots yet, THEY STAIN. But Ethan cleans his container out and that makes mommy happy, so who cares about the icky stains!

New Year's

As you can see, New Year's at our house was SO exciting. Brandon caught this picture without even waking me up, guess Christmas week really wore me out. But we needed to rest up for the big gameday...even though it turned out to be a dud.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ethan's first Christmas

Ethan and my mimi who was home from Mexico for the holidays
Merry Christmas Mimi & Papa!
this is the back of his Christmas outfit Mimi bought him first Christmas photo with my new toys!
Just before he pushed the pile over

We started out Christmas morning at our house with just the 3 of us so we could open our gifts to each other. Ethan didn't help unwrap anything, but he stared at his daddy like "hurry up, I wanna see what's in there for me". He enjoyed watching the trains go around, but that was the extent of the excitement so far. When I put him in his bumbo to take a picture with some of his gifts, he tickled himself by knocking it over. Then we went to my parents' house for Christmas lunch. It was just the 5 of us adults plus Ethan... so it was low-key and relaxing!

Christmas Eve with the Grays 07

Ethan playing with his Papaw Terry.
My Favorite Christmas present!
Ethan was VERY fascinated with Taylor's gift and cousin Jonathan!
Ethan with his Papaw Happy
Ethan with cousins Bridget and Lynlee showing him a book.
Ethan having a ball in Aunt Brandi's lap.
As is tradition, we spent Christmas Eve out in Plumerville with Brandon's family. All of the extended family gets together to tell the Christmas story, eat goodies and exchange gifts. Ethan was a really big fan of his Aunt Brandi as you can see from the photos. Ethan was spoiled by his first many goodies, but he had no idea what was going on.