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Monday, December 28, 2009

Handy Manny

Ethan I started our morning with exciting conversation about Handy Manny and a little bit of Spanish teaching from the little plastic man. Can you tell Ethan loves him?

School Christmas Program

This year at Ethan's school they had the 2-4 year olds do a music program for Christmas. We had no idea what to expect considering Ethan doesn't talk a whole lot, much less sing songs. So we invited all the grandparents and got there early to get seats. Behind a closed curtain we can hear kids screaming and crying and it sounds like they're herding a bunch of cats. Curtain opens...take a second but I find Ethan, he's crying...AWESOME! Then the pictures capture how he looks for the remainder of the show. He refuses to stand up, his hair is spiky and fussed up, he doesn't sing a single line, he just sits there moving his pouty lip back and forth. I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait til next year!

Decorating the Tree

I was a little bit nervous about the tree this year, but surprisingly enough Ethan was a big help and had a great time helping to decorate! I couldn't ever get him to pose and say cheese b/c he was too worried about getting more ornaments. We had a few casualties, but they were all filler ornaments, so no tears shed by mommy or Ethan. Great memories for me and Ethan with what he calls "MY tree!"

Girls Trip to NYC

Today Show Set

floor at Dylan's Candy Bar

me at FAO Schwarz
us outside the show
mom in front of the best window displays at Macy's
tree in the snow/rain storm
mom's crazy umbrella KEPT malfunctioning, too funny!

The week after Thanksgiving, mom and I made a girls trip to NY. Brandon had been on several trips this year, and I decided it was my turn to get out of town. We flew in Thursday afternoon, stayed at a hotel on Times Square and began the adventures immediately! We met crazies on the square that night and did some shopping, shopped all day Friday, went to the famous Magnolia Bakery, the Today Show set, Rockefeller Center, then a fabulous Italian dinner and show at Bye Bye Birdie with John Stamos! Saturday we shopped again, fabulous dinner at Del Friscos watching the snow outside, Rockefeller Center, show at "A Little Night Music" with Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbury, then ended the night at a favorite spot from previous trips, the Hudson Bar. It used to be more of a lounge and is now a club, but we had most fun b/c we had to wait to get in with all the other club hoppers and they turned lots of people away, but somehow we got in!!!Then 10 feet away was Tracy Morgan and we entertained ourselves watching him hit on the young girls. too funny! Then we made the long trek back to the hotel and got ready to head home on Sunday. I had so much fun and made many good memories...thanks mom for such a fun trip!

Thanksgiving 2009

This year at Thanksgiving, we christened the new house by hosting lunch. With Erika due any day with a baby and Chris saving up vacation time for his trip to Brazil, it was just my parents and us. We let Fresh Market do the hard work and we just enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of football and Ethan! We didn't get any family pics, but look at what a big boy Ethan looks like!!!

Ethan's 1st job

Over Thanksgiving break, Ethan got a part time job at Clayborne's. He learned to answer the phone, print out invoices AND swipe credit cards! He'll be making his way around here in no time. After so much hard work, he had to belly up to the bar at home for some cheez-its and juice...those slave drivers didn't give him anything at work!

Halloween Revisited

Brandon just got all of the pictures off of our real camera and I couldn't NOT post this pic from Halloween. How cute are Ethan and Catie with that goofy pirate guy???