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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sneak Preview

We took pictures today for Ethan's birthday invitation. He was not in the best of moods...and really didn't care for his hat...but these were some cute ones we didn't use :)

Ethan's new skills

Ethan is VERY aware of his toy box and has been pulling his toys and such out for a while now. He just walks over an pulls them all out and throws them across the floor til he finds one he wants to play with. The other day, Brandon had some toys behind the toy box and Ethan was reaching for them at first, then just decided to crawl on into the toy box and dig around. This is now a daily event. Also, he has an activity table that my brother and sis-in-law gave him for Christmas, and he takes off the activity top, empties out all of the lego pieces, then climbs on. He also like to scoot it over to the coffee table and then try to climb from it onto that table, he does not like it when I make him get out. But he LOVES it when I rock him in it or pull him around inside his table...but did I mention he is that game doesn't last long!

11 Months Old

So I am VERY late on this one. Ethan turned 11 months old on July 9. It's so hard to believe we are just weeks away from his 1st birthday. I swear it's all I think about...will he feel like it's a special day, will he love his smash cake, will he cry through the entire thing? Either way....we can't wait!
At 11 months Ethan:
-is saying dada, mama, baba...though we're not sure any of it is on purpose, but we like to think so
-is walking along furniture, standing on his own, and pushing his toys and walker all over the place. He just needs a little confidence to take off. We just know it's any day!
-loves table food. he wants no babyish food, including gerber graduates pasta dishes and dinners. He loves puffs, ritz, mac & cheese and his lunchables jrs...or anything else you will let him try.
-loves to clap and do what we call "sit-n-spin" when he is excited about something.
Every day it's something new with him and we're just amazed how our little baby is such a little boy now! What a precious gift and daily dose of laughter!

Daddy's Hat

Brandon's parents came down to visit 4th of July weekend to see Ethan. Just for fun, they put Brandon's hat on him and I was surprised to see he actually kept it on AND he was smiling in it. Our experience so far has been that he hates hats.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ethan with April's puppies

he's figuring out how to love on 2 at 1 time
I think the yellow lab was his favorite
I think he got caught trying to steal this one

Our good friends, Jennifer & Brian, just had puppies from their dog April. The litter is still with their we went over to visit Friday afternoon after the parade. Ethan wasn't sure what to think at first, but shortly after he was hollering, and giggling and having a big time with all the puppies. Good thing he was too young to ask for one to take home. The puppies are absolutely precious...and there are still a few for sale if anyone is looking for a lab puppy.

4th of July neighborhood parade

Ethan and daddy waiting for the parade
Ethan lounging in his wagon
Ethan with his loot....he was too young for the thrown candy...kinda looks like Mr. T w/ the tough guy face, his bling, and his muscle shirt

Our neighborhood started having 4th of July parades last year for the first time since I was a kid and grew up here. Lots of the kids participate with their decorated bikes, wagons, scooters, trailers....or however their parents got them down the road. We got out Ethan's wagon for the first time and pulled him down there to watch (more fun for him than to be in it this year). Our neighbors' little boy was in it though so we watched & cheered for him. Very short and very homemade...but it was fun!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

"yippee, my favorite crawl space has a hole in the top for climbing out!"
"what happens if i push all of these at the same time? nothing?"
"i could stand here watching clothes spinning for hours"
"hmmm...I bet if I just keep banging these doors I can get in there"
"haha mommy, I shook this door enough the baby-proof latch won't keep me out anymore"
I'm still happy to keep trying even AFTER mommy adds rubber bands to the handles to TRY to keep me out
"who me? does this look like the face of a troublemaker?"

Now that Ethan is REALLY mobile and VERY brave...he has found lots of new things to pique his interests. Today I caught pictures of some of his recent favorites as well as his brand new discovery today. All I can do is laugh and try to find the camera before something bad happens :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Steps

I have no picture for this....but just so I will remember AND because I'm so proud...Ethan took his first steps today. It was just 4 little steps this morning and he didn't try again all day, but I was hollering this morning for Brandon to run in there and he missed it :( But his proud mommy saw it and wanted to make a note so not to forget!