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Friday, December 2, 2011

Charlie's 1st Razorback game

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Fun Houseguests

Brandon's good friends Bill and Ang and their son William were in route moving from Arizona back to Boston and decided to stop in Little Rock for a few days. I had never met Ang and spent very little time with Bill, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but we had a wonderful time! Their little boy William is Ethan's age and they had so much fun playing and having sleepovers in Ethan's bunk bed. Brandon showed them a lot of downtown and really enjoyed seeing his friends and watching our boys playing.

St. Louis Trip

Brandon and I took a little weekend getaway to celebrate my birthday and get me out of the house! We walked ALL of St. Louis and did Busch Stadium (which was buzzing as they prepared for the playoffs which led to the World Series! Great time to be in St. Louis), City Museum, Anheiser Busch, local breweries, the Rams game and anything else we could get to. Both of us toured the arch when we were kids and remember it feeling claustrophobic and rickety, so we decided just to go view it instead :)

Karate Ethan

We decided it was time to get Ethan into some kind of activity where he could learn discipline, structure, and hopefully have fun at the same time. He got really excited about the idea of karate, so we are trying out the Tiny Tigers program at our local ATA. So far he is really enjoying it and it's so cute to see him in his uniform really paying attention to his instructor and learning new things!

Back to School 2011

 Meet the teachers and see your new class day!
 on the way home from the first day in K-4
 made it inside, then laid on the floor in the hall to continue the nap
 Charlie decided to get it on it too!
these are out of order, but this was Ethan before school on the 1st day

Ethan turns 4

 so excited to blow out the candles and eat some CARS cake!
 birthday outfit completed with "Boogie Legs"
 Charlie is awake for the birthday celebration
 AWESOME voice changing megaphone from Uncle Chris
 trying out the new bike & helmet from mommy & daddy
 Ready for his pirate party swim!
 cute friends with their cue babies!
 Ethan and Haven.....true love at age 3
 birthday boy's first time bowling!
Charlie was less excited about bowling :)

For Ethan's birthday, we had a CARS party at the house with all the family and grandparents and cousins and such, then a little swim party at our neighborhood pool for some of his friends from school and church. I think someone may have had TOO much birthday this year, so next year we are going to have to scale it down. We had so much fun celebrating our big boy and watching his excitement for his special day as well!

Charlie 1 Month Old

I can't believe this boy is already one month old! Time flies for sure when you're having fun. Poor thing can't do much in his chair yet, but I wanted to catch some pictures like I have of Ethan in the same chair.