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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Touch a Truck 2011

 I'm not sure Brandon has ever been more proud than this moment!
 Checking out the policeman's gear
most excited fireman EVER!

We took Ethan to the Junior League of Little Rock's Touch a Truck event Saturday and it was even better than last year. They have all kinds of trucks, trolley, motorcycles, police cars, bounce get the idea, LOTS of stuff for the kids to enjoy. Ethan really wants to be a fireman and a sheriff along with about 5 other professions, so he was super excited to put on the fireman's suit and also to climb in the police car and then get to put on the helmet AND play with the gun (not loaded and very safe, I promise). I'm so glad the JLLR does this event b/c it's so fun for the kids. They also have education booths to teach safety for all kinds of activities AND a car seat safety check which it's shocking how many people have theirs installed unsafely or incorrectly. Can't wait til next year!

First Trip to the Dentist

 all ready to take pictures of his teeth

so cool in his sunglasses watching Bugs Bunny on the ceiling tv

After realizing he's 31/2 and I've been paying insurance on him for year, I finally made an appt with a pediatric dentist in town. I went to high school with him and since they were so geared towards children, I was praying for a non-traumatic experience! Luckily we have read all about Dora going to the dentist many many times, so he knew all about what would happen and the tools, etc. He was a PERFECT patient! The dentist had no expectations since he was so young and it was his first visit, but they were able to get everything they needed. I was so stinkin' proud! Then they told me he has 2 cavities, which deflated the balloon a little. We go back in a few weeks to get those filled and I am praying it goes smoothly as well!

Catching up on Iphone Photos

 taking the stage on the Riverfront Amphitheater

 dancing to the music outside Ozark Outdoor

posing on the big rock in front of the zoo

We had a fun month of March, and apparently only caught some activities with our phones, so I wanted to get them on here as well. We went to the Rivermarket to run around one saturday morning and Ethan LOVED running around on the big stage and singing his songs for us. He really loves to replay his Sesame Street Musical on any stage, but he really wanted us to sit in the seats and watch his show. 
For St. Patrick's Day, we went to Happy Hour in the Heights to enjoy the big parade, outdoor music, snacks and drinks from the heights businesses, and seeing lots of friends. Ethan had a big time running up and down the sidewalks, playing in the bouncy house, but the biggest joy was dancing with the musicians outside the Ozark Outdoor. The only way we could get him to leave was to see the parade!
During spring break, I took Ethan to the zoo and the only picture he smiled for all day was when I let him climb on the rock. The zoo was a literal zoo during spring break, so he was overwhelmed by all the kids. We'll have to go back soon to give the new penguin exhibit another less hectic try :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break 2011

 Welcome to the Memphis Zoo! Ethan LOVES alligators!
 Very excited to see the tigers
 Silly faces in front of the panda
 lovin' his ride on the big tiger on the carousel
 Daddy and his little this pic!
 checking out the duck palace on The Peabody roof
 captain of his airplane
 Sheriff Ethan
 cute even when he is mixing his sports gear
this is where you could find Ethan during the entire meal

 We took Ethan to Memphis for the last weekend of spring break. We got there early enough on Friday to do the zoo that afternoon and see just about all of it, then it was on to the hotel and down to Beale to find some dinner. We went to Huey's which is one of my faves and Ethan was SO excited to get to write his name on the wall. Then on Saturday we had breakfast with our dear friend Whitney before heading to the Children's Museum. Ethan has talked non-stop about being a sheriff since we saw Rango last week, so when Whit mentioned there was a sheriff car at the museum, Ethan could NOT wait to get there. I think we were there with half of memphis due to being a cold rainy day, but we had so much fun with him "being on tv", pretending to be a fireman and sheriff and do his own grocery checking. After a very long nap for daddy and Ethan, we took the scenic route on the trolley and then went to Beale for some BBQ. Ethan loves music and was tickled to watch this guy perform and dance in front of the stage all night. We had a great time and made lots of great memories with our family of 3....soon to be 4!