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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Uncle Chris the bandito and Uncle Courtney the sheriff
Fairy Ella, Ash Reagan, and Buzz Ethan
Sheriff Courtney, Sheriff Woody Brandon, and Bandito Chris
I can't believe she's not crying at the mustache!!
me as Jesse.....just as Ethan told me to!
Buzz and Woody going on a hayride
Ethan modeling one of his favorite prizes from the carnival
Gaga and Papaw and Ethan on Halloween
Ellen the mermaid and Jillian the bedazzled flower
Buzz and Woody ready to trick or treat!
Ethan trick or treating at the Sims' House....awesome decorations!
Kenny Rogers, Dolly and 80's Sabra- one of my FAVORITE pictures!

Since Brandon's favorite holiday is Halloween, we had big plans for the whole weekend. We did the Halloween carnival at PVCC on Friday night with Courtney and Chris and all the kiddos. We had so much fun playing carnival games, and watching all the kids dressed up. Buzz Lightyear was a popular costume this year, but we think Ethan's was the cutest. On saturday we planned to go to Boo at the Zoo, but it was insane, so we went out to eat and watched the Razorback game on tv. Sunday night we hosted a party at our house and our friends and their kids did not disappoint with the costumes. We had so much fun playing and trick-or-treating and cannot wait to do it again next year!

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Ethan showing off his Halloween decorations while we waited for daddy, this was before Brandon really got going with the big decorations for trick or treaters
Ethan with his favorite goat
trying to get a picture, but he won't sit still!
running around and dancing on the hayride

We finally had an afternoon where Brandon was home early, so we decided to sneak in a trip to the pumpkin patch before having dinner at a friend's house. This pumpkin patch was out hwy 300 and had live animals which Ethan loved! He was particularly concerned with the goat that was walking around on the roof and telling us that's not right. We also had to carry him onto to the hayride because he thought he was scared, but soon he was running around on it like he was super brave. We had a great time looking at all the pumpkins and he really like the ghosts.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harvest & Fall Fest 2010

After race for the cure, mom and I took Ethan to the Harvest Fest at Wildwood. We played on Pumpkin Hill, went through the paths with lots of bridges so we could search for trolls, and found big trains that Ethan could enjoy watching. We also raced Ethan in a game of rolling pumpkins with a broom, it was very entertaining! Then on Sunday, I had a meeting so mom took Ethan to the Fall Festival at our church. He was all dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, and my dad was apparently dressed up as cheese dip boy from Loca Luna thanks to his good friend Mark Abernathy for the t-shirt. I couldn't resist a pic of them together :)

Race for the Cure 2010

Ethan, me and Mimi
Kelly and Miss Jillian Claire, this baby got her picture taken all day by complete strangers b/c she was soooo cute!
Bennett, Ethan, and Jillian

Keeping with tradition, mom and I did the race for the cure together with a group of my girlfriends and sever kiddos. We had the breakfast tailgate out of my truck, then walked together in the chaos. Ethan is really too big for a stroller, but he hopped in the jogging stroller and was a champ, as long as we were moving. He didn't much care for the hold up at the starting line. It was so fun to see how our group has changed over the years. We've been doing it with my friends since we were in college, and now several of us have kids or kids on the way. I am so thankful every year when I get to see my mom in all her survivor gear and get to celebrate 20 years without cancer this december!

3 Year Portaits

Ethan turned 3 in August, but I just finally got around to getting his pictures done. A sweet friend from college who is AMAZINGLY talented took them for us one morning at Burns Park. He had so much fun running around and playing, hence the sweaty head in the 4th photo. Jill has a little boy the same age as Ethan, so she was fabulous with him and very patient when he wouldn't be still or messed up the perfect leaf pile she made. Go to her site here and check her out, I highly recommend her!!! Thanks Jill!

AR v. A&M 2010

We made the trip to Dallas again this year to see the Hogs play in Jerry's Palace. I was grateful for a day game since I had to leave early with the boys last year, but that meant we spent the 2nd quarter having nap time again. Ethan enjoyed a large bucket of popcorn and some Skittles that Staci and Chris searched the stadium for, and the Skittles are all he talks about from that game! It was a fun family weekend in Dallas and I got to meet the Bradford's newest addition, Ben, on Friday and he is such a cutie! Also, Will is an excellent big brother! (just sorry I didn't get any photos)

AR v. AL 2010

while tailgating...I keep hoping he will quit putting foreign objects in his mouth, but this made me laugh too hard. I guess braces are in his future since he got the fat stem stuck in his front gap!
gettin' really good at calling those Hogs!
so cool to have the flag flown in by parachute!!!
too much pregame excitement, this is how we spent the first quarter and a half!