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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Bay, WI

game day pictures from Brandon's phone

Welcome to Lambeau
obligatory cheesehead photos

view from the private boxes.....over $100,000 a year!
Brandon with the Heisman trophy donated by a former player
view walking out on the field from the players cool!
us on the field
open practice.....we watched the defense special teams
Titletown Brewery where we met Captain Morgan
Brandon with the Green Bay fish (parade of fish)
Captain Brandon
me with some Tall Ships
Brandon with the Bounty

Brandon and I want to make a tradition of going to at least 1 NFL game a year so we can see several stadiums. So far we have been to a Kansas City Chiefs game, and we've been to Cowboys Stadium (but we don't count it since we saw the Hogs there), and now we've been to Green Bay to see a Packers game. We got there Thursday and went straight to Lambeau Field. We had lunch there and took the tour which was awesome b/c we got to see areas you can't see on game day and really learned the history of the facility and the Packers. That night we went to an open practice for the team, SO FUN! The players are right in front of you and the fans really turn out to support their team! On Friday we headed up the "coast", at least that's what it seems like...lots of little coastal towns with fun shops, bars, breweries, and restaurants. We also went to a few state parks and thoroughly enjoyed our drive. Saturday morning we headed out to the Tall Ships Festival that was docked in Green Bay for the weekend. We got to tour at least 4 ships including the Bounty which is used in movies such as Pirates of the Carribean and some of the oldest ships still on the waters. It was so cool and since Brandon is such a history buff, it was a bonus it was going on that same weekend. Saturday night was the Green Bay v. Cleveland Browns...we forgot the camera! We had club seats with our own server and were spoiled rotten, now it will be hard to walk to get my own hot dog :) The weather was for them, but a 20 degree break for us! Such a fun getaway!

July 2010


just a swinging!
such a helper
photography by Ethan of his handsome daddy

Not much going on around here in July, these are just come pics of Ethan playing with daddy and the night we went to see Nickelodeon Playtime Live. He wanted his hair all fixed to see Dora....he loves her!

Hot Springs

someone was on a mission to Magic Springs!
Ethan, me, and Hollis learning about Buzz
Mimi and I took the boys out to play ring toss so it would be quiet for everyone still trying to sleep, I think we woke up neighbors instead!
big fun on the water slide

someone must have told him to "wait his turn", I recognize this face
my little slugger
Uncle Chris is a good pusher....he pushes fast AND high

this ride looked scary for such little ones, so I told them to put their hands up and act like they were having fun :)
flying in the air with mimi!
first ferris wheel!
driving the car with daddy

4th of July weekend we went to Hot Springs with the whole family and my dad's sisters and their families. We had 3 houses in Hot Springs Village where we spent time at the pool, on the lake, playing on the field, eating together, and doing Magic Springs. Ethan had so much fun playing with the other grandkids and his cousin Reagan, and he loved Magic Springs. I was surprised at all the rides he did! He didn't do any rides in the Crystal Falls area, just the slides and splashing in the wading pool, then relaxed on the lazy river with me. He was such a fun little guy even though he was off schedule and in a strange place. We had so much fun with the whole family and look forward to doing it again!

School Friends' Birthdays

Ethan has had the same little friends at school for the last few years and he was so excited to go to their parties this year. First we had Jay Alan's at his house, and he had so much fun in the bounce house, at the water table, and just running around with his best friend. He also LOVED the cupcake, but that's no surprise :) Next was Sadie's party at Chuck E Cheese. We hadn't been there in a year and it was so fun to watch him play the games and win tickets, watch the show, and dance with Chuck E Cheese.

Gray Family Get-Together

swimming with cousins Lynlee and Garett Mason
so proud of himself for sliding like the big kids!
sliding with his cousin Lynlee
look at him go!
we couldn't believe he was climbing this by himself!
now he's REALLY having fun!
So proud of himself for "catching a fish" in his net
Ethan's 1st Popsicle

Playin' Outside

Every afternoon when daddy gets home, Ethan wants to play in his truck. We started out with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, then we climbed the tree, ran around and played chase, then the boys had to cool off with some cold beverages before finishing out the fun in daddy's truck.