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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jennifer's Birthday

We went to Jennifer and Brian's for Jenn's birthday party on Memorial day. Since it's the first picture I think I have of my ever growing pregnant belly....I thought I would post it here. Thanks to Sabra for taking photos and sending them to us! I had my 7 month appointment this morning and everything looks good. Ethan is still measuring ahead, currently 4 weeks....keeping true to the promise to big a big ol' baby.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Slacking at Blogging

So I promise I will get better at this. I have no other new photos to show you, but I had my 6 month appointment on Wednesday. Ethan is moving and kicking around really good and Dr. Deed said she could feel him squirming away from her when she was trying to listen to his heartbeat. He is still measuring pretty far ahead, but she said that will probably stay true since most likely he is going to be a big baby. I have been waiting to start on the nursery til his bedding came in, so I promise to get pics up once there is something to look at.

Daffodil Festival

Brandon and I went to the Daffodil festival on opening weekend (I'm sorry it took so long for me to post pictures) and it was so fun watching all the little kids running through the flowers and seeing how many families go out there to take portraits! Its was a madhouse that day, and I guess we did more people watching than photo taking, so these are the only pics we got.

Tree Excavation

As Brandon says, we have to make our home a safe nest for us and baby Ethan. So part of that project meant removing all the pine trees that tend to sway in the wind and threaten to possibly someday fall on the house. I just didn't realize what a production it was to remove 6 trees, but they brought the whole crew and equipment and set-up shop for 2 days at our house. But at least it made our backyard looks double the size afterwards, and they were able to get them all over the house using that crane without dropping any through the roof (my #1 concern).