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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Truck....

This weekend we had a big family dinner in Plumerville b/c Brandon's cousin Jonathan was in town. We somehow got ZERO photos of the family time with pinata and much fun....but we did get some pictures of Ethan with his Papaw driving the golf cart in Conway on the way. To say he loves these would be an understatement. So thanks Papaw for letting him drive and for even letting me and Brandon play on one too....we had most fun!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apartment Playground

As we adjust to apartment life, Ethan is having a blast with his new toys and places to play. We've been out to the playground a few times (which is conveniently located in front of our building) and to the pool once. The pool was a big hit since they have a ledge around a lot of it that Ethan can walk around on as well as beach balls to play with. Only problem was we were the only ones there so now he thinks he owns it all.

Mimi's Piano

During moving weekend #1 (July 10), Ethan stayed at my parents' house with cousin Reagan and uncle Courtney, Mimi, and Papa. We went to visit him a few times between trips from the house to the apartment and one time he was very entertaining on the piano. He does do a lot of banging on the keys normally, but I swear this night he was really trying to play music. Too cute!

4th of July

watching the parade intently
Ethan's first sucker, from a "parade float" (use term loosely)
asleep on daddy....worn out from the parade!

Better late than never I guess. I've been gone from blogging due to moving from our house of 6 1/2 years to an apt while we figure out our next move. We spent our last 4th of July as Colony West residents by going to the annual parade, then a trip to Walmart which Ethan didn't make it through due to his morning excitement, then a late night of celebrating at the Hensley house with big fireworks. (no pics from Sabe's b/c they were too blurry, but Ethan loved his special firework poppers, then was ready to be asleep on mommy through the big show)