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Friday, August 31, 2007

3 Weeks Old- August 30th

Ethan is 3 weeks old today...and it's his Papa's birthday. So here are some pics to track his progress, his mommy is TERRIBLE at trying to do a photo shoot with him, but we'll keep working at it.

Day on the Town

Ethan and I went out running errands today to get ready for our weekend in Fayetteville and get stuff for my dad's birthday. So I put him in a real outfit instead of his usual sleep and plays and I just thought he looked too cute to not take a picture. Thanks to Kevin and Khaki for the cute overalls!

First stroll

So this took a while to get on here...but we took Ethan for his first stroll through the neighborhood last sunday night. He really seemed to enjoy it, and thankfully the mosquitos were only interested in me and Brandon and not Ethan. Notice his football outfit....this is FOR SURE a football household, so he is wearing his touchdowns outfit in honor of Sunday Night Football which we enjoyed as a family after our walk. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

2 Weeks Old (yesterday)

Yet again...I know 2 weeks is NOT a long time, but it's amazing to me how much a baby can change in such a short time. He is so much more alert and I swear he's already getting bigger. Brandon thinks he will have gained a pound by his 1 month appt! Today we played with the gym Aunt Laura gave us and I was surprised to see him already batting at the toys and following their movement! Then Laura and my mom both came over to visit and you can see the days activities just wore him out!

New Routines

This is a normal morning in our house now. Brandon does some paperwork from home and hangs out with Ethan while I get an extra nap for getting up with Ethan during the night and a shower if I'm lucky :) Then there's our little cutie in his hooded towel for the first time. It swallows him, but it was too cute not to take a pic!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

One Week Old

I know a week isn't a long period of time, but it's so hard to believe that Ethan is already a week old. Yesterday we went for our 1 week check up and everything checked out well. He weighs in at 10 pounds and gave us the delightful treat of 3 diaper changes while we were there....but it was fun all the same.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ethan's Going Home

Here's our final moments in the hospital, finally. We are loading up this precious boy and heading for home. He slept in his crib first thing! Ethan already loves his room and being home, away from all the chaos of the hospital.

Ethan's Birthday

Here are the pics from Ethan's birthday. I hesitate to post them because my swollen self is even more frightening in photos than it was in the mirror! Everyone says some day I'll be glad I took pics so Ethan can see how his mommy looked.....but I'm sharing them on here anyways. He sure is a cutie....and we even have our first family portrait.

Info on Ethan

Sorry there are no pics yet.....Ethan arrived thursday august 9 at 8:04 am. Weighing in at 10 lbs, 1 oz and measuring 20 1/4 ". He had some respiratory problems at first and then had to be observed in the NICU. After many prayers lifted and answered, mommy and baby got discharged yesterday afternoon.I will try to get some pics up tonight!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ethan's Room is DONE

So I finally finished the baby's room this morning! HUGE thanks to Sabra for painting 3 WONDERFUL pictures for Ethan that makes the room even more special. I got it all on the walls, things put away, and I finally feel ready for least his room! I'll get some pics of Ethan on here as soon as I can after he gets here TOMORROW MORNING!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Too much free time

So...staying home is restful and all.....but I get bored. So today I decided to Simpsonize me and Brandon and this is what we got! Ain't we a pair! I could have adjusted these to make us better looking, but I thought it was more fun just to keep what they created, what fun!

Update: Brandon said I should have included the "before" pics so it makes more now they're added :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Final Doctor's Appt

We went in for an ultrasound last thursday, August get an estimated weight before next week's scheduled c-section. Ethan weighed in at 9 lbs, 13 oz. on Thursday and Dr. Deed says he will most likely be over 10 when he comes this week. I think she was a little shocked he was so big, but says she's glad we scheduled the section. He also measured 48 centimeters, and I was 37 weeks and Dr. Deed said it's the biggest single baby she thinks she has ever seen. Normally such a measurement only happens on twins. So.....for sure a BIG baby boy....but we are so excited and definitely on the final countdown. Since I am now home til he comes...I will get the pics of his room up this week.