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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disney on Ice

he is seriously concentrating on the deep story lines here :)

pay no attention to my face...but isn't he too stinkin' cute!

A few months ago I ordered tickets for us to take Ethan to Disney on Ice (Mickey & Minnie's Magical Adventure). I wasn't really sure how well Ethan would do, but I must say he did fabulous! He was so enthralled the whole time until the VERY end when he started to fall asleep on me, so we snuck out during the finale. We had a blast with him and now I know I can take him to these shows in the future because he really does enjoy them. He even picked out his own souvenir, the little Mickey and Mimi thought she got off pretty easy. He didn't even want to be distracted with food or talking while he was watching his show. Good times!

Girls' Weekend

MC, Laura, and me
Terri, Flint, and Sabra
MC, Laura, me, Jennifer, Terri & Sabra

Last weekend, a few of us girls went to Fayetteville for a little getaway just to enjoy dorm-time and having no schedule, and only ourselves to take care of. We had so much fun just lounging in pjs, eating good food, and enjoying good company. Thanks to my parents who let us use their house up there so we could have free lodging :) The group was Suzanne, Jennifer, Sabra, Terri, Laura, MC, and myself (though I have no pics with Suz). We did Powerhouse friday night, mall saturday, mellow mushroom saturday night with a visit from Flint (Sabra's brother) and lots of time in between watching Bravo and hanging on the couch! (Mellow Mushroom is the only time I remembered I had a camera...ones from my iphone are not worth posting)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainy Easter Sunday

We didn't take any pictures of the Easter lunch or church b/c it was so crazy with the weather....but after we got home from running around, Ethan wanted to check out the rain with daddy. He was having a big time til mean 'ol mommy and daddy made him come inside to get warm and dry.

Hanging out at Mimi & Papa's

Gracie needed to be involved in this lap time
since i can read lips, he's saying "what's this?" (and it's all he says these days)
someone got caught playing behind the curtains!

Saturday night we did dinner at Mimi & Papa's house with Uncle Courtney, Aunt Erika, and Reagan. We didn't get many pictures b/c we spent most of the time eating or managing kiddos....but here's some pics from after dinner.

Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to the Easter party
not interested in decorating the cookie if i can't play with the knife!
this was how he played on the inflatables....only on the side and only holding mimi's hand
my little cutie!
this was the most fun, pushing Colton around
putting eggs in the basket
haha suckers....i got the golden egg!
mimi & papa pointing out more hidden eggs

We had an Easter celebration at church on Saturday with inflatables, games, and an Easter egg hunt. Ethan was most interested in running around and doing his own thing....until the egg hunt. Ethan was all about that, and he found the golden egg....then he walked around trying to steal other kids' eggs, only to look inside and give them back.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Toddler School Pic

This is Ethan's first school picture. He took one in the fall, but it was so terrible I had to decline purchasing any. They took class pictures right before spring break with the option of an individual picture and it was so cheap, I couldn't resist. Ethan RARELY goes to school with a blanket/lovie...but obviously I wasn't paying attention that day because not only did he take it with him, but apparently wouldn't be photographed without it. Kudos to the photographer who made it less obvious by folding it over his lap. (He's also holding it in the class photo, but for the other kid's privacy, I'm not posting it)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Local Celebrity

I took Ethan to make a coffee cup for my mom's birthday at Firefly Studio which a friend from OBU owns. I had forgotten my camera, so she took a few to email to me. They got lost in my spam email and I didn't think much else about it, until I saw his picture in her ad in Savvy Kids magazine. I ran by there today and had her email me the pics again...I have to admit I was pretty proud to my handsome little man in the magazine! :)

Playdate with Mimi

Captain Ethan of the tugboat
Mimi helping Ethan figure out the stairs to the slide
riding in his drop-top
with his new friend hanging out on the swing
he had SO much fun jumping up and down and see-sawing

My mom has been in Honduras for the last 9 days, so she was eager to see Ethan when she got back. We set a playdate for this morning and took him to the playgrounds at Fellowship. He had a big time playing in all the cars and going all over the playground, sliding, playing with his new little friend, and seesawing for the first time. We had a blast playing with Mimi! Then we did lunch at chili's which was an adventure and reminded me why it's best to go to McDonald's....but we had fun all the same.

Fun Filled Saturday

daddy & Ethan touring the fire truck
watching all the ponies, waiting for his turn
nevermind daddy...i only wanted to LOOK at them!
when he saw the kangaroo he said "ooooooooohhh"
please pardon my face, I was obviously too excited
mommy and Ethan in the tunnels
he loves it in Aunt Jennifer's lap :)
he thinks Brian is REALLY funny

We went to the Clinton Library's Easter celebration saturday where they had a huge easter egg hunt, petting zoo, inflatables, entertainment, and ponies to ride. Ethan was crazy about the ponies until we actually tried to put him on one, then he dropped his basket as aunt laura would say, so we had to move on. He was pretty good in the petting zoo but it was getting so crowded so we went down to play in the tunnels and eat lunch in the rivermarket. That night we went to have a yummy dinner at Jennifer and Brian's house. They are so sweet to let him break their stuff everytime he goes over there and you can see he really loves them, he's still deciding about April(the dog) :).

Early Easter Celebration

giving Easter eggs to WeWe
Ethan loves his PaPaw
Ethan's basket of eggs
Ethan's favorite thing...books!
Aunt Brandi, cousin Garett, Uncle Jared, Grammy, and cousin Madison
playing with cousin Garett and sharing MUCH better this time
Nonie showing Ethan how the snowmen sing and dance

I didn't want to post this while he was gone, but Brandon was in Arizona for the entire week of spring break. That's why Ethan and I stayed so busy was so noone would be breaking down all the time about missing daddy. Brandon's cousin Jonathan was home for the weekend, so we had an early Easter celebration in Plumerville that Sunday and Brandon was able to meet us there since it's on the way home. Ethan did a little Easter egg hunting, sharing with WeWe, playing with Garett, and visiting with all the extended family. We had a great time celebrating Easter with the family and seeing Jared before his big birthday the next weekend.